Clear Safari Cache iPhone And Optimize Your Browsing Experience

    When you face some sort of issues while browsing a website on your iPhone, the first thing suggested by their support team is to clear browser cache and delete cookies.So, if you haven’t done that before, and you’re using Safari browser for instance,you start find out answers to how you can clear safari cache iPhone. But some part in you also wants to find out what this browser cache is and what does it contain. There are lots of questions popping up in your mind at that time and you want answers to all of them. Well, if you want to know all about your browser cache and how you can actually clear it justread on and find out.

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    What Is Browser Cache?

    Browser cache is, basically, a primary location to store files that your browser downloads for displaying the websites that you browse on your device. The locally cached files include documents that actually constitute a website including html files, scripts written in JavaScript, CSS files, and also the graphic images or other multimedia.

    When you repeatedly open the same websites, your browser performs a check to find out what content has been updated since last time and it only downloads the files that have been updated. In other words, it downloads only those files that are not stored in cache already. It helps in reducing bandwidth consumption and also increases the page load times as well. So, cache can really play an important role when your internet connection is limited or it is running slow.

    Why Do You Have To Clear Browser Cache?

    Over time, browser caches tend to grow too large and consume lots of storage space on your device to the extent that it becomes necessary to clear safari cache iPhone. Besides, the cache storage is full of data from different websites that you may never want to visit again. Even though, sometimes, it is possible to limit the size of cache storage you should still clear cache occasionally to improve speed and fix any other problems that you may be experiencing.

    At times, you may face problems with a website’s cached versions. For instance, your browser may not give you access to its fresh copy even when there were updates made to the site since last time. You may also find websites loading partially or they may seem to be badly formatted.

    So, as cache remains to be at the core of quite a few website-related issues, the support teams usually recommend you to clear your browser cache whenever you report something going wrong with a website.

    In addition, the data and files stored in the browser cache reveal which websites you’ve been visiting. So, it can be a potential privacy threat depending on who can access your device or the way other websites being visited by you use your information.

    How To Clear Safari Cache iPhone

    How To Clear Safari Cache iPhone-Clear Safari Cache iPhon


    So, now that you know how important it is to clear your browser cache, here are the steps that you need to follow for clearing it out.

    1. Open Settings from your iPhone’s Home Screen
    2. Scroll down to reveal Safari tab and select it
    3. Now, again scroll down until you reveal ‘Clear History & Website Data’, and then tap it.

    That’s it, all your data in the safari cache has been cleared and you can start having a fresh browsing experience. So, if you didn’t know exactly how to clear Safari cache iPhone, follow these simple steps and that’s it. There’s nothing hectic to be done in the process.

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