Download tvOS 11 Final Version For Your Apple TV And Install Now

    As tvOS 11 final version is now available, anyone who owns a 4th-generation Apple TV can download the latest tvOS 11 and install it on their set-top box. The progression of tvOS 11 has been one funny story itself. Usually, any major version that Apple is set to release is given some stage time at WWDC where its major features are shown off at opening keynote event. All of this happened with iOS 11, macOS High Sierra and the watchOS 4. But for some strange reasons Apple didn’t treat tvOS 11 in the same fashion. This led developers to wonder whether Apple was going to release this new version or not. But then, Apple released initial beta version right after that keynote event in June.

    After that, tvOS 11 followed almost the same schedule as other platforms mentioned above and Apple continued to push new, improved versions for the tvOS to developers as well as public testers. As usual, these releases were aimed at ensuring that the new tvOS is tested thoroughly for all the new features that are coming along before the final launch of the platform after which it will be installed on the Apple TV 4 devices all over the world and will come pre-installed in latest Apple TV 4K.

    Apple TV 4K

    Improvements In tvOS 11 Final Version

    The improvements made to tvOS 11 final version are not on exactly same amplitude as other platforms from Apple but it is definitely better compared to tvOS 10.The new tvOS now comes with an automatic day/night mode that changes your user interface depending on when you are using your Apple TV. With Screen Sync, another new feature in latest tvOS, the screen layout of your Apple TV is replicated across different Apple TVs that may be linked to your iCloud account. There are some solid background modes introduced as well along with the ability of supporting notifications in the tvOS apps. There are many more changes that are coming with the new tvOS 11 final version and you can explore them by installing the new operating system on your Apple TV.

    So, if you don’t know exactly how you can update your tvOS 11 Final Version, and want to try an OTA update right now, here is our complete guide on how exactly you can do that: Installing OTA Update For tvOS 11 On Your Apple TV 4.

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