iOS 11 Beta 8 / iOS 11 Public Beta 7 Release Date Revealed

    So, it’s about time that developers as well as public testers all are anticipating the next pre-release seed for iOS 11 from Apple. General public is already waiting for new hardware to hit the markets alongside final iOS 11 release that will ship with the new line of iPhones in September. But before that Apple is up to iOS 11 Beta 8 and iOS 11 Public Beta 7.

    Considering the pace Apple is keeping up with in delivering beta versions for iOS 11, along with news that claim iPhone 8 as well as other two iPhones to be coming in September, it won’t be wrong to assume that there is very less time left in the release of next beta versions for the iOS. Things were set up pretty nicely by Apple and the engineers working internally as they released all the iOS 11 betas with a break of two weeks. And, with that pattern of releases, engineers had enough time for fixing so many of the bugs internally which gave them enough confidence to claim that every release had enough internal changes for appeasing anyone testing the release.

    Moving through the pre-release seeds, there have been quite a lot of major bugs taken care of and so many issues were completely eradicated. With all that, Apple was comfortable enough in cutting down the release period to almost every 7 days.

    iOS 11 Beta 8 And iOS 11 Public Beta 7 On The Cards…

    iOS 11 Beta 8

    Last couple of betas from Apple have come to the test devices with a difference of almost one week in their timeline and if Apple is to follow that same pattern of beta releases then new iOS 11 Beta 8 and the iOS 11 Public beta 7 aren’t too far away. Both these beta versions should already be packaged and dispatched to the developers by now as one week from last beta release would be completed on 28th of August. And the same date of release could be expected for both these betas so that the developers as well as those who’re registered with Apple’s Beta Software Program can test these releases and interact side-by-side with all the changes made to the firmware.

    Considering the fact that a lot of effort has been put in for making iOS 11 a perfect release, and that it is currently being used successfully by many on their primary devices, the new iOS 11 beta 8 release would expectedly be final beta release before Apple actually comes up with the public release for the new iOS as part of its full line of iPhones in September.

    There are still some niggles in the performance of this platform but Apple has been able to dramatically improve its power management and issues with battery draining percentage. Also, it is now compatible with more of third-party applications. So, get your hands on the new iOS 11 beta 8 and iOS 11 Public Beta 7 as they should probably be there by now and get the taste of the new iOS before its full and final release.

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