Managing Background App Refresh For Saving Your iPhone’s Battery

    If you often face troubles with the battery of your iPhone, there are quite a few troubleshooting options that you can try. Even in the settings of your device, you can make certain changes in order to increase your iPhone’s battery life. For instance, you can reduce the brightness of the screen using Control Center. You may also switch to Low Power Mode as a temporary option. You can also check the breakdown of your battery usage by going to Settings and then Battery to see if some particular app is causing strain to your phone’s battery.

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    What Is Background App Refresh

    Managing Background App Refresh For Saving Your iPhone's Battery

    Sticking to the topic, Background App Refresh can be considered another option that can be used to save your battery. With different apps running in the background andconsuming the battery life, changing the settings can help you save the desired results. But why does it happen in the first place?



    iPhonesoften allow apps to run in the background to extract latest information after a certain period of time. Information like weather updates, new emails, etc. keep on updating as long as your data connection is running. This helps in ensuring a smooth user experience and one doesn’t have to wait for latest updates as soon as they launch different apps because the apps are designed in a way that they continue to update even when you are not using them.
    Despite all the convenience and usefulness, this feature can really be damaging for the battery life of your device. However, it is possible to customize settings and completely turn off background app refresh feature on your iPhone. Or, you can keep it ‘On’ for devices that you really want to provide you with updated information every time.

    How To Switch Off Background App Refresh Feature On iPhone

    Managing Background App Refresh For Saving Your iPhone's Battery

    Follow these steps if you want to turn it off on the iPhone and want that no app should be using this feature.

    1. Launch Settings right from the Home Screen
    2. Go to General
    3. Select Background App Refresh
    4. Toggle it off

    How To Switch Off Background App Refresh On Individual Apps

    Managing Background App Refresh For Saving Your iPhone's Battery

    When you turn off master switch it means that the feature will not be running on any of the apps for which it is compatible. However, you can also turn it off on certain apps if you think they are the culprit for eating all the battery of your iPhone every time. Here is what you can do for switching off the feature for individual applications.

    1. Go to Settings
    2. Open General
    3. Choose Background App Refresh
    4. There will be a toggle switch in front of each app in the list. Toggle it off for every app that you want.

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    So, that’s how you can disable this feature for increasing battery life of your iPhone. You can simply toggle those switches ON if you want to enable the feature later on. The process will remain the same.

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