New Apple TV 4K Featuring A12X Chip Is Ready-To-Ship: Rumors

    Several rumors have been floating around lately that indicate towards Apple working on a new Apple TV refresh. Today, Jon Prosser – the popular leaker – has said that the upgraded Apple TV 4k model that Apple was long working on is “ready-to-ship.”

    Apple TV 4K Featuring A12X Chip

    As revealed by Prosser, this new Apple TV 4K is expected to have the latest A12X chip while offering 64/128GB storage. The date of the release is not yet final and it may “drop any time”.

    Earlier, a few signs of this new upgraded Apple TV release were spotted with the iOS 13.4 beta release in January. At that time, the researchers were of the view that this new release will have A12 chip on it. Some earlier rumors were also suggestive of the fact that this new Apple TV will have 64GB and 128GB storage options available as well.

    Apple TV 4K Featuring A12X Chip

    Beyond this new processor chip, however, the experts do not expect any major upgrades coming to Apple TV with the said upgraded version. The code of iOS 14 also directed towards the latest Apple TV having an upgraded remote. However, we’re not pretty sure yet as to whether the rumored Apple TV 4K that is set to arrive soon will have the updated remote control function or not.

    Apple TV 4K

    This week, Prosser also revealed that the smartphone manufacturer has the latest AirPods and iMac upgrades ready as well. No additional details were revealed on these products though and we have very little information to share as well.

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