The New iPhone 8 Will Come With 200 GB iCloud Storage & 1 Year Subscription For Apple Music As Part Of The Package

    Whether you call it new iPhone 8, iPhone X or iPhone Edition, it is certainly going to be the most costly phone Apple has ever introduced and the expected starting quote for the new iPhone will be $1000.

    Though the iPhones from Apple are not always inexpensive, but with $1000 price tag many would argue that things won’t change much from Apple as far as price is concerned. Analysts at Barclays say that there may be something in store that Apple will use for justifying this massive asking price for the new iPhone.

    Business Insider Report On New iPhone 8….

    iPhone 8

    Business Insider shared a report of late according to which a team of analysts from Barclays, including Mark Moskowitz, claims that for making iPhone 8/Edition/X asking price palatable, Apple might be coming up with some free services – for at least first 12 months. It is believed that Apple will be offering free one year subscription for Apple Music alongside 200 GB storage on iCloud with every purchase of the new iPhone 8. Though not something that will make new iPhone look like a bargain, it may play some part in reducing the shock factor somewhat. At least, if you were hoping to get Apple Music and iCloud storage in first place.

    As of now, one year Apple Music subscription in US costs almost $120 which becomes $10 a month. As for 200 GB iCloud subscription per month, it is available for $2.99 a month and becomes almost $36 a year. Now, considering these costs, even with lowest price at $1000 for the new iPhone, users will have to pay almost $844 for their smartphone while $156 will go to the free services that come along.

    Mark Moskowitz, the analyst from Barclays, and the team working with him think that they’ve figured it out, assuming Apple could be offering free subscriptions for Apple Music alongside 200 GB iCloud storage that amounts to $156 for one year, to anyone planning to buy iPhone 8.This way the iPhone 8 perceived cost will come down to $844 that’s more palatable.

    This analysis from Barclays team also considers number of new iPhone units that will be sold by Apple with the package and without it.

    The analysis presented by Moskowitz is actually based around survey of the wireless-service customers. The survey found out that $1000 might be the price for around 40 million iPhone 8 units. However, if it were to bundle the new phone with iCloud storage and Apple Music free subscription there will be 64.4 million units to be sold by Apple.

    All of it sounds good from the perspective of a buyer if both the subscriptions are something that you have to buy one way or the other. Otherwise, the deal might not be saving you money actually. It is probably something that you should definitely keep in your mind while buying the new iPhone 8.

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