How You Can Recover Deleted Text Messages iPhone

    Long time iPhone users would know that sometimes you come across situations where you end up deleting your text messages accidentally. What if there was something really important in those messages? Obviously, you’d want a way to get those deleted messages back. There’s been a lot of talk on how you can recover deleted text messages iPhone. One thing worth mentioning here is that when you delete your text messages, they aren’t really deleted from your iPhone unless you have reset iPhone to factory settings. Resetting to factory settings actually erases everything that you might have on your iPhone and is not just limited to texts. It actually turns out to be handy when you are selling your iPhone or passing it to somebody for one reason or another.

    So, if you have ended up deleting text messages by mistakes, there are quite a few options available that you can use to recover deleted text messages iPhone. Let’s discuss them one by one.

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    • Native Options To Recover Deleted Text Messages iPhone
    • Third-Party Options To Recover Deleted Text Messages iPhone

    Native Options To Recover Deleted Text Messages iPhone

    Before starting out, it’s worth mentioning that you have both native and third party solutions to recover deleted text messages iPhone. Let’s first consider some native options that you can try.

    1. Recovering Text Messages Through iCloud Backup

    Restoring your texts through iCloud backup would probably be the easiest of options that you have. Assuming that you’ve turned on iCloud Backup on your iPhone, and that your device has been taking backups regularly as scheduled, the text that you might have deleted accidentally should be there on iCloud backup. This service automatically backs up all your messages including SMS, MMS, and iMessage, but for recovery it needs the SIM card which you were using when the backup was made. So, here are the steps that you need to follow.

    1. Open Settings on your iPhone and go to Backup in iCloud section
    2. Ensure that you have turned on iCloud Backup already
    3. Next, go to General tab and then enter Reset section for erasing the iPhone
    4. Select ‘Erase All Content & Settings’ option
    5. Once completed, the setup will ask you whether you want to restore iPhone using iCloud Backup or not
    6. When asked, select the ‘Restore from iCloud Backup’

    As soon as this restore is completed, you can access the texts that you happened to delete accidentally. However, keep in mind that if the Backup was taken before you had deleted the messages then it won’t work.

    1. Recovering Text Messages Through iTunes Backup

    In case, if you don’t rely on iCloud Backups or just like to use iTunes more then there should be quite a few backups with you that you might have taken through iTunes. These backups can also be used to recover deleted text messages iPhone. But you will have to do some work in iTunes preferences prior to being able to plug in your iPhone. Here is what you need to do.

    1. Open iTunes and open Edit menu and then select Devices in Preferences sub-menu.
    2. Here, check the option labeled ‘Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from syncing automatically’ (leave as it is if already checked.)
    3. Now, click OK.

    If your iPhone syncs with iTunes then you will end up deleting your messages permanently and there won’t be any option left to recover deleted text messages iPhone. As soon as you have disabled automatic syncing feature you can try below mentioned steps for restoring your device from iTunes backup.

    1. Once you have reset the device to factory settings, it is possible to either Restore it from an iTunes Backup or you can plug it into a computer and launch iTunes.
    2. In top menu, select iPhone and then go to Summary section and click on Restore Backup.
    3. Remember, if you’re prompted to update the device, choose Download Only.

    Third-Party Options To Recover Deleted Text Messages iPhone

    If you are not comfortable with the native options or something is causing them not to work properly, you can take refuge in third-party apps. There are quite a few apps available today that allow you to recover deleted text messages iPhone, and they mostly work in same fashion. You have to connect your iPhone to the computer, launch the recovery program and follow on-screen instructions to complete the process successfully. Be it your texts or call history, you can use these apps for recovering things that you think you’ve lost forever. So, let’s take a look at third-party apps that you can use for recovering your deleted messages.

    1. Phone Rescue

    With Phone Rescue you can be able to recover quite a lot of your deleted files and that includes messages as well. What makes it the best is its ability to let users recover data from their iCloud account, iTunes as well as device backups. There are numerous repair tools in the app which allow you to recover the device when there are errors or when it crashes.

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    1. Fone

    Dr. Foneis really the doctor for your phone, especially, when you have to recover deleted text messages iPhone. It works fine even on latest available iOS devices and can be used on Windows PCs as well as on Macs. With this software you can recover your text messages quickly and besides it gives you back your deleted photos and videos as well.

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    1. Ultdata

    Similar to other apps used for data recovery, Ultdata can also be used for recovering messages as well as media. You can use it to recover your device when it gets stuck in the recovery mode as well.

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    So, use either of the options presented above to recover deleted text messages iPhone. All of them can be pretty useful and it’s just the matter of your choice as to which one you’d like to go with.

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