Tesla modifies its Cybertruck by adding a Camper option

    If you get the chance to keep a Cybertruck, then you will most likely spend a night on its camper, while a company has already released a bed-installed camper for the mythological EV.

    Space Campers is the company willing to take your $24,000 in exchange for ordering the item. They also showed a trial to let people know how the process happens.

    As reported by Electrek, the product launched by Space Campers is quite similar to the cyberlandr, but its design is much simpler and comparatively, its the cost is half. However, the public won’t consider it a low-cost product at $24,000.

    Tesla modifies its Cybertruck by adding a Camper option

    There are many options in the standard version, like complete access to the truck bed in either opened or closed form. Following are some other options:

    • Convenient offload. No need for the Absolute establishment of the Cybertruck with alternations
    • Entry without a key. Use the tailgate locking system of Cybertruck.
    • Camper can be opened or shut down by the Air-Powered Actuators by flipping the switch.
    • A foldable bed for two persons which can flip into an 8 feet standing room
    • The truck bed can be fully accessed when closed or open.
    • Affinity with the truck’s battery life for extra ingredients and DIY figures.

    While it is necessary to understand that whole of this is running on nearly no actual knowledge from Tesla.

    Prior to the release of Cybertruck’s ultimate specification, the company is planning to begin making the truck in the coming year, which may probably change in near future.


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