How To Unpair Apple Watch – Different Options You Can Consider

    Are you planning to transfer all your iPhone data to the new iPhone X that you have just bought? Or you’re planning to sell out your smartwatch? Or, you just need to restore factory settings for troubleshooting purposes? Whatever the case be, you will have to unpair the Apple Watch from your iPhone. And, if you don’t know exactly how to unpair Apple Watch then we’ve got you covered here. Well, you can actually use two different options for unpairing your Apple Watch i.e. through your Watch App using the paired iPhone and through Settings app right there on your smartwatch. So, let’s find out how each of these options work and what you really need to do for unpairing your Watch.

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    How To Unpair Apple Watch Using Watch App?

    Before going with this option, there are a few things that you should be wary of. They are mentioned as under:

    • When disconnecting the Apple Watch and the iOS device paired with it, all your active pairings for Bluetooth accessory will be deleted along with the Apple Pay cards that you might have used on your Apple Watch.
    • When you unpair the Watch from iPhone using Watch App, all your data on the Watch is backed up automatically to your iOS device. In addition, you are able to disable the Activation Lock quite easily as well.

    How To Unpair Apple Watch Using Your Smartwatch Directly-How To Unpair Apple W

    Now, let’s get on with the unpairing process. Just follow the steps given below.

    1. Open Watch App on your iOS device
    2. When on My Watch screen, tap on the active watch that you’re using from top of this screen
    3. Tap on info button that you can see towards right side of active watch
    4. Now tap on ‘Unpair Apple Watch’ option
    5. Tap ‘Unpair [watch name]’ to confirm that you want to unpair the watch
    6. If there’s an active cellular service that you’re using, select ‘Remove’ or ‘Keep your plan’ whatever is appropriate for you
    7. Now enter your Apple login credentials and tap Unpair to disable the Activation Lock.
    8. Your Apple Watch will start to backup your latest data on the watch to iPhone. As soon as the backup process is completed the Watch will unpair from the current iPhone, remove Apple Pay cards that you might have used on it, delete the active pairings of your Bluetooth accessory, and wipe out your Watch’s passcode. In the end, it will restore to factory settings.
    9. Finally, create backup of the iPhone to which your Watch data has been backed up so that you may not end up losing it somehow.

    It doesn’t really take long to back your Watch up and complete syncing and wiping process. In the end, you will have your Apple Watch as if it were new and can put it to any use you want.

    How To Unpair Apple Watch Using Your Smartwatch Directly?

    Before you proceed with this method, it’s worth mentioning that when you unpair your Apple Watch using this particular method, no back of your Apple Watch data is created and the Activation Lock isn’t disabled automatically either. And, as long as Activation Lock isn’t disabled any new user will not be able to get access to your Watch. So, if you want to avoid both these issues then you should better be unpairing the Apple Watch using Watch App as described above. But if that’s not an issue for you and all you want is to unpair your Watch then proceed with the steps below. Here you’ll be using Settings app on your Smartwatch for unpairing purposes.

    How To Unpair Apple Watch Using Your Smartwatch Directly-How To Unpair Apple

    1. Launch Settings app from your Smartwatch
    2. Tap General in Settings
    3. Tap on Reset
    4. Now tap ‘Erase All Content And Settings’
    1. If passcode is enabled then enter your passcode now
    2. Once authenticated, tap ‘Erase All’. (If you’re using some cellular plan on your Apple Watch and you want to keep it then tap on ‘Erase All & Keep Plan’)
    3. As soon as the restoring process is finished, go to using a web browser on your PC or Mac in order to disable the Activation Lock
    4. Login using your Apple login details
    5. Click Settings
    6. In ‘My Devices’ tab select the Apple Watch you’re unpairing
    7. Click the ‘X’ button that appears in front of the Apple Watch so that it can be removed
    8. Click on Remove for the confirmation

    That’s all, your Apple Watch is restored and you can use it as you like.

    Hope you won’t be wondering how to unpair Apple Watch now. Both the methods above work just fine and you can use any of them for unpairing your Apple Watch according to your own preferences. If you have any queries, get in touch using the comments section below.

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