Use This Case To Get An Additional Screen On Your iPhone’s Back And Convert It Into Your Working Game Boy Color With Access To 36 Classic Games

Use This Case To Get An Additional Screen On Your iPhone's Back

The Game Boy remains among the top portable gaming consoles that have ever been created, and we have all been a great fan of that small green-screened machine since our childhood.

In the recent past, we introduced you to an iPhone case which didn’t just serve as the protection for your device but could also be used as a playable Game Boy. Yes, that case is back and this time it’s pretty improved from what you had in the past.


Fortunate for the Game Boy fans, there’s some real improvement in the said iPhone case. It doesn’t just offer lots of games for you to enjoy any time, but you also get to play those game on a color screen now – something which you couldn’t find even in the Game Boy original.

You now have access to 36 classic Game Boy games, and with its TPU material one shouldn’t worry about the safety of their expensive iPhone either.

gameboy case

This new case is now available for all the iPhones going up from the iPhone 6 right to the newest iPhone 11 Pro Max. It’s a perfect choice for anyone who is interested in keeping their iPhone safe, and also wants to enjoy an amazing Game Boy experience simultaneously.

Features Of New Game Boy Case

The new case comes with the following features:

  • Colorful high-quality display to enjoy next-level gaming experience.
  • Tactile buttons to help keep your gaming sessions comfortable all the time.
  • A separate battery to ensure that you do not end up draining your iPhone’s battery as you play the classic games.
  • Protection provided to your iPhone at all the corners including rear camera and display.
  • Built with high-quality TPU materials.
  • 36 Game Boy classic games to give you non-stop entertainment on the go.


Want something even better? If you go for this new iPhone case right now you’d be able to enjoy 25% discount at some online stores. That certainly sweetens the deal further. So now, whether you are interested in playing Super Mario Brothers, Tetris, or any other classic game, you can have all of them available right there at the back of your iPhone. If you have always loved Game Boy, this is probably the best possible gift you could buy for yourself.