How To Use 8mm iPhone App – Have Your Vintage Camera For Retro Effects

    Sharing pictures as well as videos have never got that popular and easy as it is nowadays. You just have to upload your favorite video or picture to your social media account and it spreads like fire all over the world. However, you must be looking to have something that sets all your stuff apart be it images or videos. With that being said, there are quite a few vintage video applications available but one of them really deserved to be discussed in detail. Yes, we’re talking about the 8mm iPhone app. It is a vintage camera app that is getting popular among the masses with every passing day. So, let’s dive into further details about the app without any further delays and find out how to use 8mm iPhone app.

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    How It Works

    Though we have a pretty neat camera in most of the iPhones, but there isn’t anything exciting about it that really makes it a standout piece of hardware. Yes, there is a flash and digital zoom that both work fine but the videos that you shoot from your iPhone won’t have anything special about them.

    However, with the help of 8mm vintage camera app, your same iPhone hardware captures the most exciting videos with the help of some great filters that come as a built-in feature of the app. Well, it is not just about the filters only as the app allows you to add some great sound effects as well for making things look like more authentic and old-school type. Besides, you can also change the type of film and add a flash as well. There is so much that you can play around with but the initial look of the app does not really suggest that.

    How It Works--How To Use 8mm iPhone App

    The reason why Instagram has really grown in popularity is that it takes your simple images and simply makes them look far more exciting with the help of filters. After that you are allowed to post those images of yours online and share them through various accounts that you may have.

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    With 8mm iPhone app, you have those same capabilities but for videos. It’s just the matter of choosing right filters for your videos and it will make your videos look exciting and amazing.

    How To Use 8mm iPhone App

    Just launch the app on your iPhone and it will show you a diagram that tells you the purpose of each of the buttons that you can find inside. From that point onwards, it’s up to you to select the options you want and make your videos look wonderful.

    First thing that you have to choose is lens. You can choose the clear lens option which means there isn’t any lens, then you have flickering frame, light leak, color fringing and spotlight options. All of these give a unique new look to your videos and you can get to preview what kind of video you’re going to shoot well before the recording is started.

    How To Use 8mm iPhone App-How To Use 8mm iPhone App

    After that, you have to select film type that you intend to use for recording your video.Each of the film options available have their own specific quality and they can remarkably influence the end result. There is 70s, 1920s, XPro, Siena and Sakura options to choose from with all of them having their own hue options for the video overall. The best part is that you can simply change your choices any time you may like and this will change the way your movies are recorded right away.

    Adding The Sound Effects

    If you really want to make your videos amazing and stand out, adding some sound effects is a must. You can even mute sounds altogether and make a video with 1920s film to have a perfect blend. You may also go for film flapping effect on a 70s film to dominate audio of your final video. It is also possible for you not to go with any sound effect whatsoever, and only use that inbuilt mic for saying whatever you want about the video.

    So, it’s a great app to have and if you know how to use 8mm iPhone app then you can come up with really great videos to share everywhere on the internet.

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