How You Can Use In-App Ratings & Reviews And Turn Them Off

    The latest iOS 10.3 features new prompt for the ratings & reviews in App Store. However, if you talk about previous versions of the operating system, the prompt used to take you to App Store where you could leave your review. But, for iOS 10.3, you have in-app prompts that allow you to leave your reviews right there. When it comes to iOS 11, you will be able to toggle the in-app prompts as well. Also, the system update also limits how many review prompts can be received by a user in a year and the new number is just three. Let’s get into further details of the new system and how you can use the new in-app prompts and even turn them off if needed.

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    How You Can Use In-App Ratings & Reviews

    The new in-app ratings & reviews work quite similar to current rating system that we already have; all that has changed is that you do not have to leave app screen anymore for leaving the review and rate the app. Here is what you need to do for rating the app from inside.

    • Whenever you’re prompted by an app to rate it, just tap a star which corresponds to the rating that you intend to give to the app on a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 is the worst and 5 is the best. After tapping the desired star, just tap Submit.
    • Whenever you are prompted by an app for leaving a review, you’ll have to rate the app and type in whatever you think and feel about the app in the designated area. Once you have left your review, you can tap Submit.
    • If you are not willing to leave a review or rate the app, you can simply tap on Dismiss button for dismissing the prompt. If you dismiss that prompt thrice then you will not see any such prompt for one year, at least.

    How You Can Use In-App Ratings & Reviews-How You Can Use In-App Ratings & Reviews And

    The entire process takes place inside the app which is prompting you to leave a review and you do not have to leave the app at all. The process can be completed without having to switch screens to App Store.

    How You Can Turn In-App Ratings & Reviews Off In Latest iOS 11

    If you do not want to see these ratings & reviews prompts, the latest iOS 11 allows you the option of disabling them from Settings app.

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    Important Note: It is worth mentioning here that the Settings app only allows for enabling/disabling rating & review prompt from Apple. And if some developer has incorporated his own custom prompt for in-app reviews, which might also take you to App store, it won’t be disabled through Settings app of the new iOS.All developers will be eventually required by Apple to use the new prompt and this new setting is definitely going to work eventually for all the rating & review prompts.

    How You Can Use In-App -How You Can Turn In-App Ratings & Reviews Off In Latest iOS 11

    Let’s now get on with the disabling process of in-app ratings & reviews prompts.

    1. Go to Settings on the iOS device that you are using and want to disable the prompt on.
    2. Scroll down until you see iTunes & App Store option, tap it.
    3. Now tap in-app ratings & reviews for toggling it off.

    So, that’s all about using and disabling the in-app ratings and reviews prompts on your iOS device. It is a simple and straight forward process and you should not have any troubles trying it for sure.

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