Apple Fitness+ Introduces New Workouts For Pregnant Women, Elderly People, New Time To Walk Guest, MORE

    Apple Fitness+ has taken a step ahead and has introduced new workout sessions catering to pregnant women who desire to exercise in pregnancy and elderly people who want to stay fit regardless of age. The sessions feature new trainers as well as Time To Walk guest has been announced which is none other than Jane Fonda, the famous American actress, producer, and political activist.

    Fitness+ seems to be expanding its crew members by taking aboard world-class fitness trainers. Jonelle Lewis will join in as a new yoga and mindful cooldown trainer. Fitness+ will also be welcoming Anja Garcia to the HIIT team. 

    Apple Fitness+ workout for pregnant women includes 10 steps and requires 10 minutes to perform. This workout session is designed to help pregnant women stay active throughout the conceiving period and prepare them for a life with a newborn. The workout focuses on strength, core, and mindful cooldown which is led by the soon-to-be mom Betina Gozo who is joined by new moms, Anja Garcia and Emily Fayette. This workout series is suitable for women in any stage of pregnancy and is made easier. The experts provide tips to make yourself comfortable during the workout such as using a pillow to accommodate your changing body. These quick 10 minute workouts can be performed on their own or in combination with Fitness+ weekly studio workouts by making some amendments accordingly.

    Workout sessions designed for elderly people focus on maintaining balance, building strength and flexibility, improving coordination, and ease in mobility. The session includes Yoga, HIIT, and Dance with a little improvisation. The series comprises 8 workouts, led by trainer Molly Fox who is joined by Gregg Cook for Strength, Bakari Williams for HIIT, Dustin Brown for Yoga, and Jhon Gonzalez for Dance. The equipment needed to carry out these 10 minutes long workouts are light dumbells or sometimes just the body weight. Modified exercises are also available using a chair or a wall. These workouts are safe to be conducted on their own but can be done with modifications provided by the trainers if necessary.

    Apple Fitness+ is accessible at $9.99a month or you can get a year-long membership for $79.99. It is also available with Apple One Premier Plan costing $29.95 a month.

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