Apple Series 2 Watch – What’s Special?

    Though we now have Apple Watch Series 3 coming up, but Apple Series 2 Watch is still the focus of attention for many. It comes with an upgraded watchOS 3 which certainly paves way for many great new features coming to this Watch as compared to the previous versions. There are three unique materials in which Series 2 watches are available including aluminum, ceramic and stainless steel. Though the prices vary for each of these, you may be able to get your hands on one that impresses you the most. There are different band options available as well and you can buy Apple Watch 2 in 38mm and 42mm alternatives. Besides all these great specs, there are still a few features that set this Watch apart. Let’s try to find out what they are all about.

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    Apple Series 2 Watch Is Swimproof

    A large number of smartwatches as well as fitness trackers have taken a paradigm shift in recent years in the bid to toughen themup. Now, water resistance is becoming more of an industry standard and a must-have for these little gadgets. Apple also decided to move in that direction with Apple Series 2 Watch. However, it has beaten everybody else with quite a margin as these watches are water resistant at up to 50 meters under water. They can also avoid any damages against salt or fresh water. So, this means that you can go snorkeling in open sea while your Apple Watch is still there on your wrist.

    Apple Series 2 Watch Is Swimproof-Apple Series 2 Watch - What's Special


    Series 2 Watches can also record your swimming activity as well as estimated calories inside their Workout app. So, start diving with your Apple Watch and keep track of your activity.

    Apple Watch 2 Features GPS Too

    The Apple Series 2 Watch comes with GPS tracking features that you may already find in other smartwatches as well. GPS tracking runs automatically on these Watches, and your Watch starts acquiring your position when it is not near your iPhone. Runners can take some serious advantage from this wonderful functionality. It will give you a map pointing out where you have been running and how much distance you have traveled. So, there is no need to carry your iPhone along all the time as your runs can now be tracked even when you don’t have it in your pocket as well.

    Apple Watch 2 Features GPS Too-Apple Series 2 Watch - What's Special


    The GPS function works with the in-built Workout app and stores all your data in the form of a map which you can open using on-iPhone Activity application. It’s also important to mention here that this map is color-coded and shows your pace at different instants during your run.

    Other apps do not support GPS yet but the functionality will be available soon as well. However, Apple Series 2 Watch can be quite effective already for the runners. One thing to remember here is that GPS can consume quite a lot of your iPhone’s battery. A word of advice from Apple is to deactivate the heart rate functionality for those longer runs while GPS is connected.

    Display Brightness Has Also Improved

    Apple has given a boost to display brightness as well with the introduction of Apple Series 2 Watch. The series 2 watches come with a whopping 1000 nits display which is a significant improvement from the 450 nits in previous models. Yes, that’s some serious brightness now. With this improvement to brightness, you can read perfectly from the display even in intense sunlight on a hot day.

    Apple Series 2 Watch comes with many worth talking features and only a few of them are discussed above. To get a more in detail feel of series 2 watches, check out our Apple Watch 2 Review


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