Inexpensive Apple Pencil 2-Like Stylus Works With Both Older And Latest iPad Models

    Apple’s iPad pencil 2 costs around 129$ which is indeed expensive. If you are an iPad owner and looking to buy an iPad pencil to write and draw on your pad then, the good news is that you can get an iPad pencil 2 like a stylus for just 54.95$ which is not even half the price of the Apple’s variant. Because there is no valid point to buy such an expensive accessory just to write on your iPad, the later affordable option is much more reliable.

    This Apple pencil-like stylus works on Pro iPad models as well as non-Pro iPad models. Its 1mm fine tip is ideal to draw accurate lines on the iPad’s display screen. The tip is designed to be gentle on the screen so it does not scratch or mark it. The body of the stylus is crafted with aluminum and has a good battery life which lasts for 20 hours after charging for 1.5 hours. Unlike Apple’s stylus, this requires a USB-C charger which is portable and convenient to use.

    As we all know it’s such a hassle that Apple’s stylus only works for the latest iPad series, but this stylus available in black and white color caters to 7th generation iPads, iPad Air 3 and 4, iPad mini 5 as well as the latest iPad Pros.

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