What Apps Can You Use For Replacing Microsoft Office On iPhone

    If your work requires you to play with documents all the time or if you are student who is always doing some sort of editing or document viewing, you’d definitely be using some word processor or spreadsheet, may be, on your computer? Probably, Microsoft Office is the one that you may be using as it’s the go-to choice for many. But, what about your iPhone? Do you have any alternative that you can use for replacing Microsoft Office on iPhone and still be able to have the same tools and capabilities that you have on your computer? Well, here we have listed a few options that you can try and all of them are, probably, quite a reliable alternative to MS Office for iPhone users.

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    What Options You Have For Replacing Microsoft Office On iPhone?

    So, if you’ve been looking for options that you can use for replacing Microsoft Office on iPhone, here are a few that you can consider.


    iWork is an apps suite just like Microsoft Office. It’s a free app and comes as part of the iOS 10. It features apps like Keynote, Numbers and Pages. They make your presentation app, spreadsheet maker and the word processor respectively.

    Each of these applications allows you to view your documents and edit them. And with iCloud and iOS 10, you’ll be able to collaborate with different other users as your documents will be live and accessible to all of them. All of you will be able to read and edit those documents in real time.

    iWork- What Apps Can You Use For Replacing Microsoft Office On iPhone

    If you’ve always worked on MS Office then you’ll have to spend some time in getting acquainted with the iWork apps. All the tools that you used in MS Office are present here too while all your documents will be available across all your devices.


    Microsoft Office Apps

     Microsoft Office Apps-What Apps Can You Use For Replacing Microsoft Office On iPhone

    If you can’t even think of losing Microsoft Office, you can get the same for your iPhone as well. The entire MS Office Suite that includes word processor, spreadsheet and the presentation apps is available for the iPhone users too. They are designed specifically to fit your iPhone screen.

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    When it comes to the capabilities of these applications, they let you do everything you can on your mobile device just like you do on your desktop. Prepare long documents with statistics and reports, create effective slideshows and work with complex formulas to get the desired results.

    MS Office is just great and you can have it on your little gadget from Apple too. You can even sync your documents across different devices that you use and it will allow all the changes to be visible on every device that you are using. It is also possible for you to upgrade to the Office 365 if you want and are ready to pay the subscription fee.



    OneDrive-What Apps Can You Use For Replacing Microsoft Office On iPhone

    It is the cloud storage service from Microsoft that you can use for replacing Microsoft Office on iPhone. If you are in search of somewhere to keep all your stuff and don’t really need to edit your documents, OneDrive would be your best bet. It comes with 5GB free storage and if you exceed that limit then you will have to pay an additional $2/month to have 50GB of storage space.

    With OneDrive, you can be able to view your documents and there are limited editing capabilities on offer as well. It is also possible to store your videos, photos and different other files while everything can be shared with others too. If you are not willing to leave Microsoft family, OneDrive is a good choice for you to stick to.


    Office Suite

    Not the same as MS Office Suite, it’s actually the combination of apps that complete your mobile office. Compatible with all the file formats from Microsoft, Office Suite extends its support to .LOG, .CSV, .TXT, .RTF and other such file formats.

    It allows you to create your documents, presentations, PDFs and spreadsheets and edit them as you like. On a premium account, you can also be able to access a lot of additional fonts, put passwords on your files for added security, edit PDFs and export your files to different other formats. The list goes on and you can actually get the feel by having it on your device.

    Office Suite-What Apps Can You Use For Replacing Microsoft Office On iPhone

    It’s a complete, working alternative to MS Office that allows you to play with your documents in whatever way you like.


    Polaris Office

    Another complete office suite available for the iPhone users, Polaris Office allows you to view and edit your documents, presentations, spreadsheets and PDF files. There is compatibility for all the MS file formats. Polaris Office allows you to sync all your stuff across different devices that you are using. Even if you want to satisfy your creative self, Polaris is the right way to go about it as it allows you to draw and handwrite in your documents. Videos and Photos on your iPhone can also be inserted to the documents as well.

    Polaris Office-What Apps Can You Use For Replacing Microsoft Office On iPhone

    You can also use in-app to get your hands on the premium features of the app and remove any annoying ads. So, if you’re looking for the best alternatives to MS Office, give Polaris a shot.


    Documents 6

    Documents lets you handle documents. Yes, you can view, read, and annotate all sorts of documents with this app. Even PDFs are no exception. This app offers sheer convenience to the iPhone users who have to do a lot with the Documents throughout their day. Besides, viewing and editing, the app offers the convenience of searching through the files as well. It can be said as Finder of your iOS and that’s what the developers call it.

    Document-What Apps Can You Use For Replacing Microsoft Office On iPhone

    All the cloud services that you may be using can be connected to Documents app. Also, it allows you to activate two-way syncing in certain folders in order to automatically upload the files. It’s a free app and there are no premium accounts or in-app purchases; everything comes built into the package.




    Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Drive

    If you are a fan of Google and Google Drive, you’d probably love to use Google Docs, Slides and Sheets on your iPhone as an alternative to MS Office. Even though Docs may not be equally robust as the MS Office, but still it can serve as one of your best options as word processor. It allows you to work with photos, tables, etc. The same thing goes for the Sheets.

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    Though not a robust alternative to Excel, it still allows you to create some of the complex spreadsheets featuring complex formulas. You can also easily sync everything across your devices. Just launch the app you want to use and you’re good to go. Talking about Slides, even though it lags behind Keynote or PowerPoint, it can still be used to make some pretty convincing presentations.

    Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Drive-What Apps Can You Use For Replacing Microsoft Office On iPhone

    All these apps are available for free alongside 15GB storage on Google Drive. You can use all that space for keeping just about anything you’d like. Wouldn’t it be great to have an alternative to MS Office combined with best alternative to iCloud as well? Yes, these apps from Google are certainly worth giving a try.

    So, these are some of the possible alternatives that you can use for replacing Microsoft Office on iPhone. Each of these apps comes with its own merits and demerits. So, choose wisely, you’re sure to have one that you are looking for.

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