Best Apps For Package Tracking On iPad

    Shopping online tends to be a really convenient option for buying things when you need them the most and don’t want to leave your home as well. There are some who always like to go online for holiday shopping and in such situations things become quite awkward, especially, when you have several packages on their way. You don’t know which of them have already been received and which still have to arrive. So, why not put things in order with little help from your handy gadget – iPad. Yes, if you are an iPad owner then you should try one of the best package tracking apps for iPad.

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    Best iPad Apps For Package Tracking

    Here we have listed some of the best iPad apps for package tracking available on the app store.

    1. Deliveries

    It’s a go-to application for many iPad users when it comes to package tracking, especially, during the holidays when lots and lots of boxes are being shipped from around the world. The app only requires you to provide the particular tracking number for your package for populating all your order information automatically. If the tracking number is already present on the clipboard in your iPad then the app will automatically learn it and will track your package accordingly.

    You can also go to your account on Amazon and add the order number after which Deliveries app will continuously update you about all your packages that have to be shipped sometime soon. If given access to the Calendar app, Deliveries will also show you estimated dates of delivery in the form of events.

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    It’s a great package tracking application overall with all of its wonderful features and capabilities. You can download it only for $4.99 from the app store.

    1. Slice

    It is not just a simple package tracking application, it also tracks your spending and helps you save money quite a lot. When your email account is connected to the application, it makes a search for all the purchases you have made with that account and shows exactly what amount you have spent as well as saved across different categories. The app also tracks all the packages that have been delivered to you and allows you to be aware of any recalls on certain items. You will even get a list of items that might have been bought years ago with that same email address. And if there is some possible refund on one of those past purchases then the app tells you about that as well. The app also comes with its own barcode scanner that can be used with any of your packages that you send to others to ensure no delivery issues happen.

    If you not just want to track the delivery of your packages but also want to know what you are spending, it’s a must have for your iPad. Download it now for free from the app store.

    1. Parcel

    Parcel is one great app for keeping all your parcels in view. The best thing about the app is that it can pull out all the shipping information of your packages automatically from the email you used to buy it. If an email is received by you from some retailer that outlines your package has been shipped and also gives the tracking number, Parcel syncs with the email to update the list of your tracked items. Besides, it is also possible to input the tracking numbers manually and they are populated automatically when on the clipboard as well. One restriction with the free version of the app, however, is that it lets you track 3 packages at an instant and you may not find that very helpful if the holidays are around and you have to track a few more. However, if you know that you never cross that limit with your online purchases then you are good to go even with the free version. However, if you want unlimited tracking and notifications as well then you can upgrade to the paid version of the app for which you have to buy its yearly subscription for just $2.99.

    So, if you don’t want to spend anything at all on package tracking and are sure that you won’t need to track more than 3 packages at a time then you should grab it now. But if you are willing to spend a nominal subscription fee, you’ll love its mail push characteristic that certainly makes that extra charge well worth it.

    1. EasilyDo

    Many of you would say EasilyDo isn’t for package tracking as it is task manager application. Wait, what you might have not known before is that it can track packages as well. It makes up one of the best organization assistants. Connect the app with your email, calendar, contacts as well as other various accounts, and it will create a dashboard for you that features all the upcoming tasks that are planned or expected, including your packages.

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    Enabling notifications on this wonderful app will also allow you to have status updates on all the packages that are on their way. It is not possible to enter the tracking numbers manually, though. In fact, it does package tracking for you as an add-on feature but is actually a great app to have for various other things that you do in your routine life. It does quite a lot of things to make itself worth having on an iPad including merging of the duplicate contacts, checking traffic and weather, coming up with the TSA waiting times, etc. Add to that package tracking as well.

    So, if package tracking is not your priority but you still want to have some organization assistant which can also keep track of your shipped items, EasilyDo is really worth giving a try. The best part is that the app doesn’t cost you anything at all and you can download it for free anytime from the app store.

    Try one of these wonderful and best apps for package tracking and share your experience with us in the comments section. And, if you have any better suggestions, do let us know about those as well. We’d love to hear back from you.

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