Best Calendar App For iPhone – Make Your Choice From These Top Apps

Best Calendar App For iPhone - Make Your Choice From These Top Apps

In today’s busy world, we are all on a schedule and we all have to meet deadlines, take care of our appointments and manage our months and years on a day to day basis. Obviously, we all have to make the most of our time and stay productive as much as ever. For all that, we need the best calendar app for iPhone that is not just efficient and reliable but could be used on our latest iPhone devices and have everything right on our fingertips. We could even turn our smartphones into our most efficient to-do systems if we happen to choose the best calendar app around.

So, if you also want to turn your new iPhone into your powerhouse of productivity, here we have listed some of the best calendar app for iPhone that will help you fulfill all your calendar requirements in a day to day setting. Let’s check out which apps you must try now.

  1. Apple’s Calendar App – The Best

When you have a stock calendar app built into your iPhone then why would you want to switch away and look for another one in the first place? There’s a lot that you’d like about your default calendar that comes in the iPhones.

Apple’s Calendar App – Best Calender App

The app shows date icon right on your home screen which is not possible for any other app without taking advantage of notification badges. You can use the app in ‘List View’ to be able to scroll through all your upcoming events with a few finger touches. Besides, the app is thoroughly integrated with the entire platform from Apple and works just fine and even better than any third party apps around.

The app integrates all the calendars that you may be using into just one app and provide you with time information for travel times, for instance, by pulling data from the Apple Maps. It is easy to use and can be relied upon for your upcoming appointments as well. The auto-complete feature makes things easier for you to manage entries. In fact, there are a lot of other things that you’d love about this app once you will start exploring it.

  1. Fantastical

If you want to move further away from the Apple’s ecosystem, Fantastical really makes for your best calendar app for iPhone around. The app has long enjoyed the status of gold standard in third-party applications and it’s actually the pioneer when it comes to calendar apps that allow natural language input.

fantastical- Best Calender App

There are quite a few things that will make you feel great about this wonderful app. Firstly, it is really fast when it comes to adding new events with natural language input. Besides, the app allows you to add the iOS reminders, set Google Maps to be the default map application, and it also comes with a cool design as well. There’s a Today widget within the app as well that is just amazing for quickly accessing the calendar and everything that is scheduled for the day.

  1. Calendars 5

Those at Readdle take pride in offering this wonderful Calendar app for the iPhone users. They’ve also developed some other popular iOS apps such as PDF Expert, Documents, Spark, etc.

Talking about Calendars 5, it looks very much like the Fantastical app as well. There are quite a few similar features both these apps have to offer. Some of them include natural language input, integration with the Apple’s Reminders, and the ability to coordinate with the Google Maps app. The app offers lots of different views as well such as Day, Week, Month and List view.

Overall, the app is just great and it offers you some very useful features as well allowing you to set up events and making as many customizations as you like.

  1. Google Calendar

If you’re wondering why would a Google Calendar appear on the list of best calendar app for iPhone, remember that it has to offer a lot more than simply being your Google Calendar. Even though that’s the default setting, but the app allows you to add just about any calendar which you might have been using already on the iPhone.

As far as the web-based version is concerned, nothing can beat Google Calendar. The same stands true for its iPhone app as well. The app comes with features like natural language input, G-Suite account integration and some other exciting features. For example, it will take the haircut theme in case you have a haircut appointment.

It all works great for this app and you will love using it for sure. Some negative reviews exist about the design of the app though, but that’s all part of the game.

  1. Week Calendar

For those who have to maintain a very hectic schedule, Week Calendar makes for a perfect app to stay organized and on schedule all the time. The app offers quite a few different views including list, week, month and agenda views. You’ll probably love the week view as it is most interesting of the lot. The entire view is available from one single screen and you have the option of dragging/dropping events to the new dates/times as well.

week calener-Best Calender App

Even though the app does not allow for natural language input, but you still have an amazing Calendar Store which makes for a wonderful add-on. From here, you can easily add stuff like famous birthdays, weather forecasts, sports calendars, etc. However, it will ask for $2.99/year in-app purchase for that.

As for customizations, the app probably comes with most significant set of features. You’d be able to customize icons that it uses, default layout for new events, and the colors of the app as well. For those with so many events to tackle, this probably is the best calendar app for iPhone around.

So, make a pick from these top apps and choose your best calendar app for iPhone. You will surely love the features on offer as each of these apps have some great options on offer.