15 Best Mac Apps You Must Download Today

    Whether you are a new mac user or you are an old geek running some old version of MAC OS, you can’t live without some handy software tools to enhance the functionality of your MacBook. Well, fret not, there are lots of different software available for Apple’s Mac and you can download many best mac apps to turn your device into a lot better one.

    The apple’s app store is home to large number of wonderful apps which can be conveniently downloaded either for free or for a small fee. However, if you are not downloading from the App store then you will have to change your mac settings by going to:

    Settings >Security & Privacy >General

    Here, you need to change ‘Allow Apps To Download From: Anywhere’. However, remember to change the setting back to default once you are done.

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    So, whether you are looking for image editors, note-taking apps, or music apps,you have everything available at the app store.

    15 Best Mac Apps To Consider

    Let’s take a look at some of the best apps that are worth a download for your MAC.

    1. Wunderlist

    best mac apps

    Wunderlist is a simple, yet important, app to have on your MAC. It is a to-do app whose strength basically lies in the cross-device functionality. You can use Wunderlist on any platform be it Mac, iOS, Android or PC. So, no matter where you are and which platform is available, you can continue with it with the Handoff feature of Mac OS.

    Once the to-do list has been set up, you can simply schedule your reminders, create notes and embed everything into Notification Center with the help of a widget. You can also sign up for Wunderlist Pro to have access to team-based features but it comes with some yearly fee.However, there are no limits on file sizes or anything else.

    1. Evernote

    Best mac Apps

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    It is an important note-taking app for the Mac users. Equipped with Retina display optimization, Evernote offers front face to access its storage and note-taking services. Though it may not be the best of apps on the design front, it still offers a simple way option for note-taking allowing you to save documents in the form of web pages. The functionality of the app has also been enhanced by making it easier to search through your notes and you just have to speak what you want the app to do for you.

    Your infois also synced to cloud and you can access your data from any device you use. With a $25 subscription for a year, you can upgrade to the Evernote Plus and it will allow you to add notes while you are you offline. Spend a bit more and you can get Evernote Premium that even allows you to add markup and annotations.

    1. HandBrake

    Best Mac Apps

    If you often find yourself in a situation where you need to convert all your videos for running them on all the devices you have, HandBrake is your ultimate solution. It is one of the best mac apps everthat you should download to your MAC immediately. The app is the best option available to OS X users for video conversion. Even if you are a video geek and need lots of advanced options, you don’t need to worry at all because it provides you everything you need. However, the core functionality of the app is quite simple and even if you are newbie to video conversion, you can easily do the desired conversion.

    1. VLC

    VLC - Best Mac Apps

    Probably every Windows user would be familiar with VLC but it is also a great app to have on your MAC too. VLC player is considered a better option than Quicktimeon every front, especially when it comes to file compatibility and speed. Name any media file you can and VLC will not let you down as it supports everything from Theora to AAC and can quickly convert videos as well. The functionality of VLC player doesn’t just stop here; you can play files with subtitles and there are so many video filters which help you in cropping, de-lacing and generally customizing the playback. So, it really is a great app to have on your Mac.

    1. Bartender 2

    Best Mac Apps

    If there are some applications already installed on your Mac, you might be already feeling quite overwhelmed. Look at the menu bar of your Mac and it might be cluttered with lots of icons. Well, you can fix that with bartender as it offers you great control on this area of your OS X.
    Even though a bit expensive, Bartender is worth every single penny you will spend on it. It allows you to pick several related icons on the menu bar and put them all under one single icon. This way you can remove all the clutter which may be hoarding up in that area. You can still, however, keep your must-use icons on menu bar. But everything else can be hidden to make less of visual headache on your Mac Screen.

    1. 4K Video Downloader

    Best Mac Apps

    If you are after latest videos and often have that urge to download latest videos from YouTube, 4K video downloader is definitely your thing. You can download your favorite YouTube videosto your MAC in HD quality using this wonder downloader for MAC.

    1. Fantastical 2

     Best Mac Apps

    It is a popular app for iPhone that you might already be familiar with. However, Fantastical 2 is now available for Mac as well. Even though it comes with a price tag, you won’t be able to find a better calendar app than this on the App Store. If you want to have better organization in your life, Fantastical 2 gives you everything you need from reminders to sync feature.

    1. 1 Password

    Best Mac Apps

    Every one of us comes across a situation, at least once in their life, where they have to compromise their security or convenience as far as the digital information is concerned. 1 Password allows you to make sure that you do not have to face that situation ever because the app allows you to keepyour usernames, passwords as well as any other important information safe with a single password. You can even have better security with interesting features like team passwords support and one-time, time-based passwords.

    1. Tweetbot

    Best Mac Apps

    Tweetbotis the perfect app for twitter power users who don’t prefer to use official, outdated Twitter app that they have available on Mac. The app offers several windows and columns as well as the tools for muting users, specific keywords and hashtags. The app also offers support for different third-party apps like Paper and bitlywith its streamlined interface.

    1. Adium

    Best Mac Apps

    It’s a multi-protocol IM client in which all your accounts can be bundled together and accessed from a single, simple application. You just have to enter the names of instant messaging services that you use – like MSN, AIM, Facebook, Google Talk, etc. – and you will have all the contacts available right there. With its clean user interface, all the contacts can be organized perfectly in one unified space.

    1. Spotify

    Best Mac Apps

    Everyone may not be a fan of Apple Music. However, fortunately, Spotify is there to provide you with a perfect alternative to that. With Spotify app for MAC, you can have access to its entire catalog allowing you to search and enjoy almost any track, album or artist. The app even allows you to build customized playlists or stick to specific genre like hip-hop, jazz, rock, etc.

    couple talking and drinking coffee


    Believe it or not, it is one of the best free apps for mac that you can put your hands on.

    1. Duet

    Best Mac Apps

    Don’t like working with a single screen or monitor? Even with portable monitors not an option for you, you can have the same with your iPad using Duet. The app tethers the iPad to Mac with the help of Lightning cables from Apple and launching Duet on both the devices.

    The apps and the windows can then be dragged to the display of your iPad giving you the second monitor. If your iPad supports Retina display, you’ll feel great to have a wonderful second display with all the pixels it brings in. But one thing worth mentioning here is that you may not be able to get quite the same bandwidth as you might get with proper monitors and things may be a touch leggy in terms of quality. Still, it is a great option if you have to type your documents, read websites and watch a few videos.

    1. Atom

    Best Mac Apps

    It’s the text editor for Mac users that is designed primarily for coders. However, with its customization and flexibility, it is still a great choice for others as well. The app allows you to download quite a few different packages and plug-ins to get your desired functionality with it. You can also turn it into your Markdown editor as well which serves great to write blog posts, etc. It can even be used with Evernote to store your notes on cloud.

    The app comes with various word counters and there is also an option for adding typewriter sounds that play while you write things down. Even the visual aspect of the app is quite customizable and, with its editable back-end, you can do almost anything you want be it changing font sizes, colors or line height.

    1. GIPHY Capture

    Best Mac Apps

    GIPHY Capture allows MAC users to have a pretty straightforward option for making GIFsout ofvideo clips. They can even use their screen activity to create some interesting GIFs as well. If you want your GIFs instantly then you, probably, don’t have a better option than GIPHY Capture in mac apps.

    1. Alfred

    Best Mac Apps

    If you have ever used Spotlight on your MacOSthen you won’t have any problems in understanding what general idea fuels Alfred. It is basically a launcher for MAC but, other than that, it also does web searches and universal system and offers access to all the things you might need from its simplest command line. Even keystrokes can be programmed using this app to do your routine tasks in a quick fashion.

    So, take a close look at our list of mac apps and choose few of your liking. Tell us with your comments if we missed a few, however!

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