7 Best Photo Editing Apps For iPhone In 2017

    Among all the great things about iPhone is its capability of capturing some of the most detailed and interesting photos. What’s even better is that there are a lot of photo editing apps for iPhone available on the App Store that can really make your photos pop out and look amazing. If you have ever been so conscious about your photos that you take on iPhone and share on social media with little editing then you should definitely take a look at our collection of best photo editing apps in 2017 for iPhone users. You’d definitely fall in love with, at least, a few of them.

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    7 Best Photo Editing Apps For iPhone

    So, here is our collection of best photo editing apps for iPhone out there, take a look at their salient features and learn what they are capable of.

    1. SnapSeed

    7 Best Photo Editing Apps For iPhone In 2017-SnapSeed

    Snapseed is your all-purpose photo editing app that offers:

    • Exposure, sharpening and color adjustments options
    • Selective adjustments, healing tool, brushes
    • Options for cropping, rotating, straightening and correcting perspective
    • Text and frames
    • Filters, vignette, black & white, HDR

    In fact, Snapseed is amongst the most famous apps available for photo editing purposes on iPhone. It’s quite simple to use and offers some powerful tools as well. Snapseed excels in all the basic techniques of photo processing including color, exposure, cropping, straightening and sharpening.

    Besides, there are some advanced photo editing features available as well like healing tool and selective adjustment capabilities. And, for social media lovers, it offers some of the most creative filters as well that can make your photos look exquisite. You can add textures, blur effects and any other such thing as you may like to give your photos a real boost.


    1. VSCO

    VSCO-7 Best Photo Editing Apps For iPhone In 2017

    With it all great capabilities, VSCO equips editors with:

    • Subtle and beautiful one-tap presets
    • Wide ranging presets available for download
    • Adjustable strength of filter
    • Integrated camera/photo sharing
    • Tools for image adjustment

    The popularity of VSCO among photo editors really allows it to make to the second spot on our list. The app comes with an in-built camera and allows you to share your photos as well. However, the best thing about it is the huge collection of some of the best filters that it has to offer. There are some user-friendly tools for image editing as well that take this app a step above its competitors. There are no overpowering and garish filters, like the ones in most of the other apps, and the presets in VSCO are designed specifically for emulating modern and classic analog films. Most of the filters allow you to have a slightly faded and soft look that can easily go viral on Instagram. You can even adjust every filter’s strength according to your taste. Besides, with its handful of adjustment tools, you can fine-tune all your images fairly easily.


    1. Enlight

      Enlight-7 Best Photo Editing Apps For iPhone In 2017

    Yet another of the best photo editing apps for iPhone, Enlight is your all-in-one photo editor that allows you to have some creative tools which give you:

    • Selective control on exposure, details and colors
    • Cropping, straightening, rotating and correcting perspective capabilities
    • In-built masking option with all the tools for blending effects seamlessly
    • Painterly, sketch and black & white effects
    • Filters, light leaks, gradients and vignettes
    • Tilt-shift, double-exposure and photo montages
    • Clone tool to remove and unwanted defects
    • Borders & frames, text and drawing tools

    With Enlight’s extensive tools’ collection, you can make any image look standout. With its artistic and whimsical effects, you can make your images look creative. With the help of Mask tool you can be able to apply desired effects to your chosen areas of the image and rest of your photo can stay the same as original.

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    However, with its plethora of features, it may take some time to completely understand the app. But remember, every tool gives you an intuitive way of editing your photos right on your iPhone. The Help feature in Enlight is also unparalleled and you can’t find such a guide in any other photo editing app for iPhone out there.


    1. TouchRetouch

    TouchRetouch-7 Best Photo Editing Apps For iPhone In 2017

    With this photo editing app for iPhone, you can easily retouch your photos and remove any objects or blemishes that you don’t want. With TouchRetouch app you can be able to:

    • Use lasso or brush for easily selecting objects that are intended to be removed
    • Allow the app to replace the selection automatically
    • Remove people as well as different other objects for creating a cleaner image
    • Remove wires and dust spots in the background
    • Duplicate objects with the help of clone tool
    • Retouch your portraits by smoothing out any wrinkles and removing the blemishes

    There are quite a few photo editors out there that allow you to remove any undesirable elements from your photos. However, TouchRetouch is the dedicated iPhone app for this particular thing. Besides, it still is the most effective and easiest option available.

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    With your finger only, you can be able to quickly highlight different objects that have to be removed from your images. The selection is then removed automatically by the app and pixels in surrounding area replace the ones that you have removed.

    It may need you to make a few attempts for perfectly removing any complicated elements, but you can easily start from scratch if you aren’t satisfied with the end result.


    1. SKRWT

    SKRWT-7 Best Photo Editing Apps For iPhone In 2017

    SKRWT is a wonder app for the photo editing geeks. It allows you to:

    • Straighten the converging lines simply by correcting lens distortion and perspective
    • Correct vertical/horizontal perspective distortion
    • Fix distortion from the wide-angle as well as other lenses
    • Crop, rotate and straighten your images

    A major drawback that is often associated with wide-angle lenses that are fixed is that it leads to “distorted” images and they also appear stretched or bent. The issue can be noticed most of the times in architectural photos featuring tall buildings in which you see lines converging towards top of the image. SKRWT allows you to easily and quickly correct any such distortions while straightening the converging lines.

    Some other apps also offer such functionality but when it comes to SKRWT, it is focused solely on such image enhancements and is definitely the best available option for the same.


    1. AfterFocus

    AfterFocus-7 Best Photo Editing Apps For iPhone In 2017

    AfterFocus is your best iPhone app to make your photos look like as if they were taken from a DSLR. With AfterFocus, you can:

    • Select focus area of the image using your finger, while the background is blurred by the app
    • Select from different aperture styles
    • Control amount of the blur
    • Enhance the images with so many different filter effects
    • Use motion blur for creating sense of some movement

    Talking about AutoFocus, it’s a specialty application that is designed for imitating field’sshallow depth effect which is usually possible only with close-up photography or DSLR. It basically refers to focusing on the main subject in the image while blurring everything else in the background. And, with AfterFocus, you can achieve the effect in the most user-friendly way possible.

    You just have to mark the background and foreground areas with your finger and that’s it. The app takes over and automatically blurs your images’ background as you have advised. In fact, you can also add a natural bokeh effect as well in which the app renders background highlights as soft hexagons or circles.

    The app can easily allow you to grab viewer’s attention directly to the main subject, especially when you have a distracting or busy background in the image. There is also the option of motion blur with which you can create appearance of some movement.


    1. Superimpose

    Superimpose-AfterFocus-7 Best Photo Editing Apps For iPhone In 2017

    The last on our list of best photo editing apps for iPhone is Superimpose. Combine several photos of yours and blend them together with this app to form a composite image. Superimpose allow you to:

    • Make double-exposure images
    • Superimpose photos on one another
    • Replace different parts in the image with some other photo
    • Mask the undesirable areas of an image
    • Blend the textures onto a photo

    If you’re a creative type of person and are looking to composite several images you have to form one single beautiful image, you are in dire need of Superimpose app for iPhone.

    If aren’t familiar with the layering and masking of images already, you may have to do some experimentation within the app to learn the basics of the concept and how it works. However, there is nothing too complex and you can easily master the art within 30 minutes.

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    Superimpose can be used for variety of compositing effects and you can do everything from removing the undesirable backgrounds to making really unique compositions as well as double-exposure photos. The only limitation is your imagination as the app lets you do everything you can think of.

    So, the options are not limited at all when it comes to the photo editing apps for iPhone. You can choose from the best apps for this purpose as mentioned above and try to take your photo editing skills to the next level. It all depends on what kind of photo editing you are interested in and you can choose from amongst plethora of wonderful apps available to the iPhone users. So, make a wise pick and edit your photos like never before.



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