Top 10 Best VR Apps For iPhone

Top 10 Best VR Apps For iPhone

VR and AR seem to be among the dominating technologies now and in future. And, with major tech players including Apple paying so much attention towards progressing in these to domains, there will be wonders to explore and lots of new capabilities will be achieved sooner than later. With Apple bringing VR and AR capabilities to its major offerings including iPhone and Mac, there are lots apps and games that you can take advantage of now. And, if you’re interested in exploring some of the best VR apps for iPhone this year, here we have a list that you should take a look at. So, let’s explore!

  1. Google Street View

Google Street View-Top 10 Best VR Apps For iPhone

With Google Street View already having 360-degree photos available for almost the entire planet Earth, the new app has taken things a step further. The app requires you to simply put on a VR headset and virtually visit just about every part of the world getting that feel of being there in reality. The ground-level Maps from Google have now gone mobile with this wonderful app.

The best part is that this app doesn’t just give you access to the mapping efforts from Google but also the users. As a matter of fact, you can use this amazing app for creating 360-degree photo spheres of your own and simply extend the app’s collection. It’s really exciting, and it’s completely for free.

  1. GermBuster

GermBuster-Top 10 Best VR Apps For iPhone

Another free app on the list, GermBuster is quite impressive graphically. It’s an arcade first-person shooting game where you have to destroy those pesky germs using your bubble pistol to destroy them. It’s simple when it comes to gameplay and it may not take too long even for the novice gamers to get fully acquainted to it. It’s surprisingly fun to get rid of all those germs you have around you and the game just makes it more captivating.

  1. VR Roller Coaster

VR Roller Coaster-Top 10 Best VR Apps For iPhone

Nothing can match the fun and excitement of having a roller coaster ride in VR. And, for those who just hate roller coasters in their real life, experiencing those ups & downs in a VR setting can be a great way to taste what it would be like in reality. When you have a headset on, you’d probably squeal and laugh your way through the ride as it’s the case with having one in reality.

It’s among a few de facto applications that you should download, if you’ve bought your Google Cardboard lately. It’s scary, it’s fun and it’s a perfect experience for VR lovers.

  1. Juant VR

This wonderful VR app combines film, music, travel, and sports to come up with a single interface that gives you access to large number of virtual reality and 360-degree videos housed inside an attractive interface. Navigating through it is simple as you only need to gaze at a button or menu options for navigating through.

  1. Zombie Shooter VR

Zombie Shooter VR-Top 10 Best VR Apps For iPhone

Though Zombie shooter cost a bit initially, but it has now gone free which certainly means there is huge competition out there. Just as the name suggests, you have to shoot the zombies in VR as you play the game. And, with look-to-shoot controls, that app is quite immersive when it comes to its simplicity. All you have to do is to focus those post-apocalyptic tunnels and find the undead to shoot them.

  1. InCell VR

InCell VR-Top 10 Best VR Apps For iPhone

This one is quite a unique idea that actually shrinks you down and takes you into the human cells. For anyone who has watched the movie Inner Space, the concept would not be new. However, the app shatters these ideas brilliantly.

The game is quite simple and follows the basic story of protecting humans at cellular level in virtual reality. The game puts you in a race where you have to collect objects and dodge. It is addictive and fun and comes with a wonderful combination of colors.

  1. Relax VR

Relax VR-Top 10 Best VR Apps For iPhone

This is a perfect app for you if you’re always stressed out. This is one of the best VR apps for iPhone that you can install on your device to transport yourself away from reality into a virtual world you’d love. For instance, the app plops you in different photo-realistic, serene locales leaving you alone with meditative music. It is recommended that you use headphones to enjoy the relaxing music. Also, it comes with a price tag but is not too expensive.

  1. Final Kick VR

For those soccer lovers, Final Kick VR is a perfect way to enjoy playing the game while at home and feel as if you were actually in the playground. And, as involved a thing as it may appear, the app actually makes it simple enough to just aim your head to line the kick up. There are lots of challenges and game modes and they all prove to be a great of testing your reflexes and go by that tough goalie or just hit those tricky moving objects with your curved kicks. You can easily dig into the different options this game has to offer but it’s a bit hard to master.

  1. End Space VR

End Space VR-Top 10 Best VR Apps For iPhone

The game requires you to control a spacecraft loaded with guns which you have to unleash on the space fighters from the enemy. As space is an ultimate 360 degree experience, the app uses the world of VR to perfection and lets you to see and move in all possible directions. With its 3D immersive audio and top notch graphics, you’re sure to get completely lost in the app. Upgrade the ships as well as weapons and you’d be ready to combat the enemies that continue to grow stronger. Though the app is not free, but the price you have to pay is negligible as well.

  1. VR X-Racer

It’s another VR game that comes with a very simple premise where you have to act as a spaceship and tilt the head for maneuvering through different obstacles which come in your way. The game is perfect for anyone who loves to strive for reaching the top of the table and set new records with new highs every time. Overall, it offers a perfect experience.

So, these are the top 10 best VR apps for iPhone that you must try out in 2018. Each of these apps offer a great VR experience in its own domain and you are sure to enjoy your time while exploring their features and playing the games. There will be more coming throughout the year and you’ll definitely have a blasting 2018 as far as VR and AR go.

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