Clash Of Clans Hack And Cheats For COC Lovers

If you are an avid gamer, you must already be aware of the popular Clash of Clans game in which you have to build your own village, town and forts using gold, elixir and other resources. The popularity of the game is such that more and more gamers register their accounts on it every day and get into the stream. But just like any other popular game out there, they also love to try clash of clans hack and COC cheats that help them grow in the game easily and make gameplay a lot easier than normal. So, let’s dig deeper into how you normally play clash of clans and what different clash of clans hack options are available.

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How It Normally Works

As mentioned earlier, coc is a strategy game in which you have to build your own empire, attack other clans and bases and make the most from each attack to loot resources and spend them on your own town or village. You can drag/drop buildings in whatever way you like, and can collect and store resources periodically all through the day. You also have to build an entire army of yours that features different types of troops. You can then take them on one player missions for razing villages of the goblins nearby, or on raids of parties from neighboring villages.

In the same fashion, your village can be raided by other players as well. As a result of these the attackers might snatch away all or some of the elixir or gold that you have collected. There are trophies that you can earn or lose in multiplayer raids for determining rank and banding together in different clans so that you can have more loot while you take part in sprawling battles. Though it all may sound a lot simple, but there is so much more that you would like to unveil. And that’s where clash of clans hack and cheats come in. Let’s discover more about them.

Clash Of Clans Mods

With clash of clans mod apk download, you can get to hack certain functionality of the game. Popular mods allow coc players to make the game a lot easier by revealing different options beforehand. A popular example of COC mods is Xmod. This particular mod version of the game allows COC players to do different tricks and makes life easier for them.

Clash Of Clans Mods

For instance, when searching for bases to attack, players don’t really need to go through the available options one by one. All they have to do is to specify the number of Elixir or Dark Elixir they want a particular war base to have in order to attack it and hit the search button. The mod automatically searches for the bases that fulfill the set criteria and give you desired bases as a result that you can then attack.

Besides, Xmod also shows you any traps as you attack different bases in multiplayer battles. This allows you to develop the best attack strategy before attacking the bases. And when you start wars with opponent clans, this clash of clans hack shows you just about everything present on war base that has to be attacked including war traps, seeking air mines, giant bombs, hidden tesla and skeleton traps.

An interesting feature that you get with Xmod, or any other popular mod out there, is that it lets you launch trial attacks before you actually attack the war bases of the opponent clans. If you fail in first attempt, you can launch another trial attack and continue to do that until you are able to devise best possible strategy to win a war and get 3 stars as a result.

Clash Of Clans Hack Online

If you are planning to go for a coc hack online, you can opt for a couple of options like COC cheats online or COC crack using APK editor. A popular example of online hacks and cheats is COC Freebies. It’s a website dedicated to COC resources where users can come in, give their COC account name and the amount of free resources they want to be added to their game account to get unlimited resources and enjoy playing the game more than ever. Here are the steps that you will be required to follow for this Clash of clans hack.

  1. Launch the browser on iOS device you’re playing COC on.
  2. Visit
  3. Here you will have to provide your COC player account or email in the designated space so that your desired number of resources can be added to the account.
  4. Once you have entered your account details, specify number of gold and coins that you wish to avail.
  5. Tap on Generate button below
  6. The coc online hack will now generate your desired resources and you will have to wait until next screen pops up
  7. On next screen, you will be prompted to complete a short task like installing an app on your device for free and running it for a specific time (usually 30 seconds only)
  8. As soon as you complete the chosen offer, you can go to COC and see desired number of gold and gems adding up to your coc account.

Now, it is just one example and you may find different others as well. Just make sure that you choose the most reliable one.

Popular Tips, Cheats And Workarounds

Now, let’s consider some cheats, tips and workaround options that COC players can easily take advantage of while playing the game.

COC Cheats

COC Cheats

Here are the popular cheats that you can try out for getting your hands on unlimited resources.

  1. CoCOO_fr1mil – It will get you 1000 gold for free
  2. CoCOO_Lux5gdk –It will get you 5 gems for free
  3. CoCOO_Gel1elx – It will get you 200 elixir for free
  4. CoCOO_Dr1elx – It will get you 100 dark elixir for free
  5. CoCOO_Up1lvlpl – It will take you a level up but works only till level 60

COC Tips And Workarounds

Now that you know some cheats, let’s get acquainted with some tips and workarounds to perform better in the coc game.

  1. Get Free GemsGet Free Gems

There are several options that you can try to get free gems in COC. Obviously, gems are really important in this game and there can be nothing better than getting them for free. All you have to do is to clear some trees and rocks in your village to get your free gems. All the obstacles being removed will earn you six gems for free. As you might already know, at any time, there can be 40 different obstacles in your village and you can have 240 gems by clearing them all, as good as what you get when you first sign up.

  1. Get More Stars In Your Attacks

Your best attacks in the game are the ones that earn maximum stars. So, how can you get more of them? Consider this a clash of clans hack or just a work around, you can be able to get more of them by communicating with other players in the clan. This will help you make attacks that spread all around and you will be able to kill all the enemies to earn more stars.

  1. Make The Shields To Last Longer

Normally, the shields that you get when you first sign up, or buy later, can protect you for a period of 12 hours, you can get them from the shop. This will help you get more time to fully prepare your village without having to worry about any attacks on your base.

Make The Shields To Last Longer

  1. Keep Your Calm And Save All Your Gems

Take any free-to-play casual game and its biggest caveat would be its premium currency. You will find everything on timer and just as your account grows in the game, these timers become longer and longer. So, do not cave and expend the precious gems that are awarded to you just for speeding up the production. Rather, save those gems for buying other important stuff.

Just complete your achievements and try to clear as many obstacles as possible for building the gem count. Don’t spend your gems on the builders’ huts. There is a lot of discretion when it comes to spending gems. Usually, buying resources directly using your gems isn’t the best use of all your resources and rather you should use them for boosting your production buildings.

  1. Punch The Weight In Your Clan Wars

It can be your best ploy to attack the unstarred villages in the game first as this will allow you as well as your clan to gain the most from your attack. When you pick your targets in the Clan Wars for very first time, allow the matchmaking feature of the game to figure out the best opponent to attack. If you are successful against the tougher opponents in the wars, the allies on the lower level might find it hard to deal with same amount of increase in the challenge.

Going for the easy ones would mean that you take away the good opponents to deal with for your low level allies and force them into the battles that they cannot win. Just punch the weight in your clan wars and your entire clan will win in the end.
So, if you are interested in making the most of your clash of clans experience, you can try the above mentioned clash of clans hack, tips and tricks to unlock new achievements every now and then and grow your level in the game.

Your account’s worth will increase as your level grows in the game and it will be more fun and more challenging. So, start enjoying with these coc hacks and cheats and make the most of your experience while playing clash of clans.

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