How To Clean Macbook Keyboard In Few Simple Steps

    It can get quite tricky sometimes to clean any debris that may accumulate over time under the butterfly keyboards that have lately been introduced by Apple with Macbooks and the Macbook Pros. In fact, the problem can happen with just about any keyboard out there. Even though crumbs and dust may not easily creep through the butterfly keys of these keyboards from Apple, problem actually arises when something gets stuck in there and becomes hard to clean out. The situation is even more severe when you don’t know exactly how to clean macbook keyboard. In that case, you should better read on and find out how you should go about the cleaning process and get everything cleaned within few simple steps.

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    When Apple Introduced Butterfly Keyboard?

    The first generation of butterfly keyboards was introduced by Apple in its 12” Macbooks back in 2015. And, according to the reviews, some users found it really great but others didn’t talk too highly of it saying Apple just took it too far with the minimal key travel. The second generation of these keyboards, however, came to the scene in 2016 with somewhat more travel and a better overall feel.

    The issues that were reported too commonly with these keyboards included sticking of the keys and their inconsistent working. However, with proper cleaning, these issues can be alleviated. You just need some spare time and a bit of compressed air for proper cleaning. You may also choose to go with manual air blower if you find that a more feasible alternative. Let’s find out how exactly you can do the cleaning and keep your keyboards working properly.

    How To Clean Macbook Keyboard?

    So, now that you have some know-how of what these butterfly keyboards are all about, here are the steps that you need to follow for cleaning your Macbook.

    1. Hold the macbook at an angle of 75 degrees making sure it’s not so vertical
    2. Spray your keyboard with some compressed air in left-to-right motion. Or, you can also choose to spray only the affected keys
    3. Rotate the Macbook to the right side for spraying again in same left-to-right motion
    4. Now again rotate your Macbook to left side and repeat that same action again

    That’s all, hopefully your Macbook keyboard would have been cleaned by now and there won’t be any debris left inside. If still there is something left behind then you don’t need to ask anyone again as to how to clean Macbook Keyboard and simply repeat all the steps given above once more to completely clean the keyboard.

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