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If you aren’t much familiar with iMessage, it’s the inbuilt instant messaging service from Apple. With the help of iMessage, you can send texts, photos, videos, location, and sound to your contacts instantly and in a pretty much straight forward manner. iMessage allows you to communicate with everyone else who is using iMessage on their iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac. Some worth talking updates have also been brought to iMessage with the release of iOS 10, and you can now enjoy screen and bubble effects, full-on emojification and emoji tapbacks, and Digital Touch & handwriting, right on the iMessage app for the very first time.

iPhone users can enjoy using iMessage side-by-side with the regular SMS/MMS and it allows them to be able to stay connected with their friends who are not using a device from Apple without having to change the messaging app. Due to Continuity, it is now possible to have the “green bubbles” right on your iPad as well as Mac too. It really gives you a perfectly unified and powerful experience. So, read on to find out how exactly you can use iMessage on your device and what capabilities can bring to your iPhone/iPad.

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Using iMessage Bubble And Screen Effects In iOS 10

Using iMessage Bubble And Screen Effects In iOS 10-A Complete Guide On iMessage


The Messages app in the latest iOS 10 comes up with some new wonderful effects for iPhone/iPad. With these effects, the users can be able to make the bubbles slam, gentle, invisible, loud, or can turn the entire screen into balloons, lasers, confetti, shooting stars or fireworks. So, if you want to taste how exactly you can use these effects on your iOS 10 device, get through the following guide.

How You Can Use Tapbacks And Emoji In iMessage On A Device Running iOS 10

How You Can Use Tapbacks And Emoji In iMessage On A Device Running iOS 10-A Complete Guide On iMessage

Among the many new things that happen to Messages app in the iOS 10, one is the total revamp of emojis. You will really love the sort of cheers that emoji can bring and the impact that they can be able to produce on social media. Smileys are great and you’ll fall in love with emojis and the tapbacks features introduced with iOS 10. Learn how to use them with the following guide.

How Digital Touch and Handwriting Work In iOS 10 iMessage

How Digital Touch & Handwriting Work In iOS 10 iMessage-A Complete Guide On iMessage

Digital Touch is basically the ability of sending hand-drawn sketches, sensor-read heartbeats, or haptic taps and it was actually the feature introduced in Apple Watch initially. However, with all the changes that iOS 10 brings to the iMessage, all the features that initially debuted on Apple Watch are now available on iPhone/iPad as well. The question is, whether Digital Touch for iPhone/iPad will just be a gimmick or it is going to be a mainstream feature. You can try it out as a developer yourself and decide what it is going to be like. Here is our guide on how you can use Digital Touch & Handwriting features on your iPhone/iPad running iOS 10.

Using Stickers and Apps In iOS 10 iMessage

Using Stickers & Apps In iOS 10 iMessage-A Complete Guide On iMessage


iMessage is now opened up by Apple to App Store. It is now possible for the designers to come up with their sticker packs which can be post sent, modified and stamped above other messages. Besides, the developers can now be able to make apps which allow you to share content, play games, edit photos, collaborate with everyone else, and send payments, everything from right inside your Messages app. It is something really great for the users as they get far better functionality and also for the developers as they can now easily get viral with their creativity. Go through our guide on stickers & apps coming to iOS 10 iMessage in order to find out how to use them.

How You Can Setup And Activate / Deactivate iMessage On Your iPhone/iPad

How You Can Setup And Activate Deactivate iMessage On Your iPhoneiPad-A Complete Guide On iMessage


Before even beginning to use messages app, and being able to send texts, videos, photos, locations, contact cards, and voice memos with it, you have to first setup iMessage on your iPhone/iPad. If you have iCloud already enabled on your device, then it is very much possible that you have iMessage activated as well. But if that’s not the case then you can quickly set it up on your device and customize it the way you want.

Also, if – at some point in time – you decide to switch to a new smartphone or platform and you don’t plan to use iPhone anymore, you’ll have to tell Apple that it should not send you iMessages anymore and switch to regular SMS. This will make sure that you do not miss any of your messages from your contacts who are still on iOS. But how exactly can you tell Apple that? Well, simply by turning iMessage off before you leave Apple.

Here are our guides on setting up, activating and deactivating iMessage on your iPhone/iPad. Just go through them and it will certainly make the process a lot simpler and straight forward for you.

How You Can Send iMessages On iPhone/iPad

How You Can Send iMessages On iPhone/iPad

Your Messages app on iPhone/iPad allows you to send everything to everyone you want. Your iMessages can be sent over cellular data or Wi-Fi to everyone who is using iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch or Mac. The content that you can be able to send to others using iMessages includes text, audio, pictures, video, location, etc. It is also possible to send regular SMS/MMS messages as well as picture messages from the app to those who are not using an Apple device. Here is how you can do that.

With the Messages app, you can even forward your iMessages to people you want to. It is also possible to forward messages to several contacts in the list, or you can copy/paste contents of the message if you want to for sending new messages with same content.Copying messages can also allow you to use the message content in some other app such as Safari, Notes, or Mail.

Take a look at our guides given below to find out how you can send iMessages on iPhone/iPad and try different tricks as mentioned above.

How You Can Share Contacts, Location, And More Using iMessages On Your iPhone/iPad

With iMessage, you can be able share a bit more than simple texts, videos and photos. In fact, it takes the functionality of a messaging app to the next level. iMessage allows you to send voice memos, contact cards, map locations, etc. right from your iPhone/iPad. Though you may be required to switch apps in order to go to the app from where you have to fetch the desired information, however, once you are there, Share Sheet takes over and you won’t have to keep wandering around. It can allow you to share your contacts, location, etc. from right there.

Getting curious about how exactly you can be able to do all that? Take a look at our guide below and it will be all so easy for you to carry out.

How To Reply To And Send Messages Quickly Using iMessages On iPhone/iPad

There was a time when we had to keep tapping around in order to get things done on our iPhone/iPad. But that’s not the case anymore and things have become quite simple and straightforward now. With the help of Notification Center, Messages app allows you to quickly respond to messages no matter what app you may be using at that time. You can simply use the notifications you get for sending soundbites, location, selfies, and more using iMessage. Check the guide below to find out how.

How You Can Use iMessage Groups On Your iPhone/iPad

With iMessage supporting group conversations, it is not necessary for you to send messages to people individually if something has to be shared between a group of people. iMessage groups allow you to share text, videos, photos, location, soundbites and just about everything you may want to. Whether it is a group of two, three or as many people as you like, you just have to share things once and everyone in the group will get the message / content that you have sent. Your conversations can also be given a name to ensure that you can find them easily whenever you have to send something in there. Even, you can mute conversations if you are busy or not interested in whatever is going on in the group. Here is our guide that details everything about iMessage groups and takes you through everything step by step.

How You Can Delete, Mute, Block Or Report iMessages Spam On Your iPhone/iPad

 It is needless to say that you cannot be able to delete SMS/MMS or iMessages on others’ idevices and should always be watchful when sending something over. However, it is possible to delete just about anything from your iPhone/iPad. So, regardless of the reason of deleting an iMessage, it is very much possible and you can be able to delete messages both manually and automatically after a set period of time.

And, only because people can send iMessages to your device, you shouldn’t have to get everything targeted at your device. In fact, you can block or mute conversations on your device right from iMessage. Whether it is a message that is not for you or it is a spam that you are not interested in at all, you should take control of the proceedings and block, mute or report it to Apple right away.

Want to know how you can do all that from iMessage? Go through our guide given below.

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How You Can Use Siri and Shortcuts To Work Your Way Around iMessage

How You Can Use Siri & Shortcuts To Work Your Way Around iMessage

Whether you want to simply use Siri with everything just because you are comfortable with it or you can’t spare your fingers to use iMessage on your device, Siri can make your life easier with iMessages. It can read out incoming texts for you and can even send texts with your desired content to anyone you’d like to.

Note: It is important to mention here that most of the modern iPhones/iPads tend to get voice-activated as soon as you plug them in. Just say “Hey Siri” rather than pressing and holding home button. Everything is the same other than that.

However, if you don’t want to use voice commands, it is also possible to try out quite a few different types of gestures that are built into your Messages app. Every gesture that is available with iMessage is quite useful and you should only figure out how you can use it.

Check our guides below and find out how you can use Siri & shortcuts with iMessage.

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So, that’s all for now! We have covered just about everything related to iMessage app on your iPhone/iPad. If you have any confusion about something or just want to know more, ask your questions in comments below.