Google Assistant defeats Bixby and Siri in comparison while Alexa fails to impress the Users

    Last year, Virtual assistants gained quite less attention as compared to the previous few years, but it’s always interesting to see how we make use of them and how they actually compare. As expected, Google Assistant triumphed the most recent comparison, and this absolutely shows Google Assistant’s difference as compared to Bixby, Siri, and particularly Amazon Alexa.

    Google Assistant has been broadly considered the best voice assistant on a smartphone over the past few years, especially when it comes to overall functionality and accuracy. With no surprise, the Assistant has complete access to all the deep information of Google and the wide models used by the company to run its Al.

    A comparison was done this week, with MKBHD putting Google Assistant against Samsung’s Bixby, iPhone’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa, and of course, Assistant won against the three. However, there were a few exceptional things apart from the basics.

    All of these virtual assistants are quite efficient at the weather, general facts, and tasks like timer setting–although Siri surprisingly can’t set more than one timer. It is found that Bixby and Google Assistant have dominant control over our devices, as they perform incredible tasks like voice recording, capturing a picture, and actually interacting with the apps. Bixby has some very broad affinities, just because that is the space fulfilled by Samsung with its Voice assistant. However, Google Assistant has more vast functions such as start playing a TV show on Netflix and Searching through one’s own pictures.

    The “Colossal Failure” known as Amazon Alexa, was the loser among all of them.

    All of this is partly because Alexa is not a built-in app in your smartphone, yet it has some defects such as the inability to interact with other apps, poor conversational models, and trouble finding facts that make it an inadequate option on a smartphone indeed.

    Your smart home, on the contrary, might have a great weight in persuading which assistant you wish to use. Although Google Assistant is most broadly accessible, if you already have invested massively in HomeKit or Alexa, you would definitely prefer them otherwise.

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