How To Clean Macbook?

    You don’t often hear people cleaning their Macbooks. However, cleaning all the components of your Macbook is really important for ensuring flawless working of the machine. If you don’t know how to clean MacBook, you just need to follow some simple procedures for cleaning and the Macbook you have can be kept in good shape.

    How To Clean Macbook?

    So, here is what you need to do step by step for cleaning your Macbook!

    1. First and foremost, you need to buy some cleaning products. Here it is important to remember that you should only use the products that have been approved to use with computers. Choosing unapproved ones may harm the machine and you should, therefore, check labels before spending money on anything.
      • Remember not to use solvents, abrasives, aerosol sprays and cleaners having hydrogen peroxide. All these items can damage your Macbook’s finish.
      • Only use lint-free and soft cloths for cleaning. Anything abrasive should be avoided including textured cloths and paper towels.How To Clean Macbook
    2. When cleaning your Macbook, power it down completely. Cleaning it while it is still running may compromise your open programs or documents. Also make sure that your Macbook isn’t in sleep mode while you are cleaning it.
      • If the battery is removable, it’s always advisable to remove it while cleaning and the power adapter should also be detached.
      1. Next comes the cleaning part. Start by removing dust from any areas that are hard-to-reach with the help of air duster. Air should be blown carefully into the screen, keyboard and the ports.
        • Clean such areas several times if you don’t clean your macbook too often
        • Make sure no liquid is allowed from air duster to enter into the computer. Even when you end up spilling something, dry it out right away
      2. Brush edges of your Macbook using fan brush. It will be helpful in brushing away any kind of dust which might have emerged from air duster. Make sure to carefully brush outwards at ports for getting rid of any dust there.
    1. Use simple water or an LCD cleaner for cleaning the screen of your machine. Apply in small amounts to soft cloth and not directly to the screen. Just use that cloth for polishing your screen. Make sure that the cleaning liquid doesn’t enter any openings or ports.Clean with circular motions and avoid streaking.
    2. Any remaining grime or oil left on the screen should be eliminated with the help of LCD wipes.
    3. Use a soft, lint-free and damp cloth for cleaning exterior of your Macbook. Make sure that moisture doesn’t manage to get into any openings out there. Don’t spray any liquid on your computer directly.
      • Apply the damp cloth the body of your Macbook from inside and outside
      • Make sure to use a slightly damp cloth for polishing your keyboard. Best results can be achieved with only small quantity of water. If a cleaner is being used, ensure that it has a safe label for computer use. And, even the safe cleaners should be used in small amounts that should be applied directly to cloth rather than the keyboard.
      • Dried cotton swabs can also be used for getting the dirt stuck between the keys.
      • As far as trackpad is concerned, make sure that you are careful and don’t use cleaning solutions on it because of its delicacy. Again, use lint-free and barely damp cloth for wiping it. Also ensure that it is dried out with a different clean cloth.
      • Make sure that you clean your Macbook from underneath. That’s probably where you find most of the dirt. For nonslip rubbers at the bottom, ensure that some dye-free cloth is used for preventing discoloration.

    So, that’s all on how to clean Macbook and if you still have any queries in your mind then you can get in touch through the comments section below.

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