How To Perform An iCloud Lock Check Online

We discussed in detail as to what iCloud lock can do to your iPhone and which features can be accessible and which are not. So, if you have just bought your new iPhone, or some other iOS device for that matter,you may be interested in checking if your device is iCloud locked or not. But how can you do that? Well, apple has come up with a new addition to with a section that allows users to perform iCloud lock check. The feature allows users to find out if their new device has ‘Find My iPhone’ Activation Lock or not. So, how it works?

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A Few Details On iCloud Lock Check For iPhone/iPad

A Few Details On iCloud Lock Check For iPhoneiPad

As said earlier, a portion is added to the iCloud website from apple allowing everyone who has a serial number or IMEI for their device to check their device’s iCloud activation lock status. This is something that allows users to avoid buying iOS devices which cannot be activated without providing credentials of first owner.

Apple removed its official tool for iCloud check for some reasons that it didn’t bother revealing but still the iOS users can perform this activation check with an alternate method. This method works as long as you have IMEI or the Serial Numberthat is used for checking FMI status for your device. If you are unable to provide this code then you may be asked for Apple ID as well as Password for account that first activated this lock whenever you try to disable ‘Find My iPhone’, erase any kind of data or reactivating the new device from another account.

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Even though iCloud lockreally is a great feature to protect loss, theft or fraud resale, but still it sometimes becomes more of a headache for new users to use their newly bought device, especially, when that “Find My iPhone” option is still activated with account details of previous owner.

How To Determine If Your iOS Device Needs iCloud Activation

How To Determine If Your iOS Device Needs iCloud Activation

Here are a few steps that you need to follow for this.

  1. Use your PC, Mac or iOS device for visiting Apple support site.
  2. Select iPhone from the devices listed there.
  3. Click Repairs and Physical Damage option next.
  4. Here choose any hardware malfunction that needs repair like ‘Display is Cracked’.
  5. On the next screen, click “Send in for Repair”.
  6. After that you will be asked to enter the IMEI code for your device, give the code in given space and then press enter for checking if your device is iCloud locked or not.

If your device is locked then you’ll receive a message saying that the device can’t be repaired until “Find My iPhone”is On. So, that’s the simple way to perform your iCloud lock check and determine what you need to do next.