iPhone 6s Battery Life Review – Not Up To The Mark

    The iPhone 6s has been one of the best phones introduced by Apple in recent times. 3D Touch, heavy duty camera, sleek look and iOS 9 are only amongst few of the positives to talk about this phone. But have you read any iPhone 6s battery life review? Well, if not, you must do it now.

    iPhone 6s Battery Life Review

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    iPhone 6s Battery Life Review

    Despite all the great features of iPhone 6s, battery life may still be a big problem for 6s users. But I’d say there is a reason for that. Though Taptic Engine and 3D Touch are some really wonderful and most sought after features, the battery capacity had to be reduced to 1715mAh just to make sure they fit in. Even that’s the reason why iPhone 6s is comparatively heavier and thicker compared to the previous version.

    Even the battery life of iphone 6 did not receive so much appreciation among the masses and everyone was found complaining for some reason. I would rather say iphone 6s plus battery life is far better and you should opt for that if you are too concerned about the battery.

    iPhone 6s Battery Life Review

    In my personal experience, I managed 15-17 hours every day consistently. However, that couldn’t have been possible had I not turned off the Bluetooth and disabled background refresh of Facebook app. But my Wi-Fi was always on during this time.

    Don’t know what the reason behind it is, but Facebook app consumes more in the background than any other app you can name. However, the better battery monitoring of iOS 9 has changed things a bit here.

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    Another thing that came forward in iphone 6s battery life test to be straining for the battery is its navigation. Taking direction for only a 15-minutes walk can drain 7% of the battery easily. Watching online video streaming with your Wi-Fi connection can consume almost 12% battery power every hour depending on video quality and screen brightness.

    The latest Low Power feature doesn’t really extend the battery life too much but it is still advised by Apple that one should keep it on once the remaining battery hits 20%. Though iPhone doesn’t consume much of the battery power when you’re not using it but the Low Power feature can still extend it further. It does not really have any effect on the functioning of your phone either.

    So, I would say if you’re a power user and love to stream videos, use navigation and play games all day long then you should better switch to iPhone 6s Plus because it offers a better, bigger battery.

    But What Are The Positives?

    Well, though the battery is not the strongest of points for iPhone 6s, it still comes with quite a few attractive features.

    Touch ID

    Touch ID - iPhone 6S battery Life Review

    Touch ID fingerprint sensor that is usually located under home button is far quicker in iPhone 6s than previous versions. It only takes a second to unlock and tracks my thumb most of the times.

    With Touch ID using Apple Pay is easier than ever and it never looks clumsy either. However, as it unlocks too quickly, some say that notifications can’t be seen on lockscreen.

    3D Touch

    iPhone 6s Battery Life Review

    With its pressure-sensitive screen iPhone 6s can accept various gestures when pressing harder.Normally, a pop-up menu appears just like it does when you right click on your computer screen. Quick action menu appears on Homescreen icons whereas recent photos appear in Instagram when someone’s username is pressed harder.

    With peek-and-pop gestures you can preview emails without having to open anything. It also proves to be helpful with the Calendar app where you can preview day-in-month view.


     iPhone 6s Battery Life Review

    Now let’s do a little iphone 6s camera review! With its new 12mp camera iPhone 6s becomes one of the best smartphones available on market.It improves slightly than the previous model as well.

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    The handy camera allows you to capture photos with great color balance and good detail. Even in low light conditions, the camera performs incredibly well. Even video recording goes perfectly too.

    Despite all the positives of the camera, it lacks optical image stabilization that is the hallmark of 6s Plus. But it is not that evident in the normal shots and may only be noticed in photos captured in low-light conditions and in videos.

    4K video recording is yet another positive. Every minute of recording takes around 300 MBs and you get reasonable video result as well. Many also like Live Photos but it is something that one may not remember for long to have in their handset. Also, the quality of Live Photos is not that great either.

    Our Verdict

    Simply put, iPhone 6s is a good phone to have but the battery isn’t that great to be relied on.

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