iPhone 6s Camera Review – Not Too Much To Talk About

    iPhone 6s has been around and there is a lot of talk as to what it are its best features and what are not. A lot of focus has been on the camera which has seen an upgrade as far as resolution is concerned. Let’s do a iPhone 6s camera review to see what is it all about.

    Those who have got disappointed with the camera have got some good reasons for that. Even though Apple has given 12mp iSight camera rather than 8mp as in previous models, the lens is still the same and there hasn’t been any upgrade to it.

    iPhone 6s Camera Review

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    Camera app has only got some tweaks to make it a bit different from previous years and add some extra features. Speed at which pictures can be taken is pretty much the same as well and several pictures can be snapped in a quick go.

    iPhone 6s Camera Review – Better Selfies

    If you’re a selfie king you’d love the fact that iPhone 6s offers 5mp front-facing camera. It certainly improves the results of the pictures that can best be taken using the front cam only. With front cam featuring everything as rear one, you’ve got a flash as well.

    The Smarter Mode: The camera brightens up the screen and analyzes the surroundings quickly and then the brightness is increased to offer the flash we’re talking about. Most impressively, your surroundings’ color balance is worked out by the phone and then most appropriate flash is provided for getting pictures you can truly love.

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    Besides, there are same options that were there in previous versions like filters, HDR mode, timer, etc. The 5mp camera offers better result compared to the old 1.2mp from cam.

    iPhone 6s Review – Picture Quality In Low Light Settings

    iPhone 6s Review – Picture Quality In Low Light Settings

    What’s best about iPhone 6s camera is the picture quality it offers in low light settings. The detail of the pictures is unarguably better compared to iPhone 6. But it still may not be enough to be noticed at normal sized pictures.

    iPhone Review – Video Quality

    All new iPhones are offering 4K videos these days. Even though it is an interesting feature but many people may not be able to use it. Even average users don’t know what this 4K thing actually is. Also, it needs some special equipment too for such videos to be watched.

    iPhone Camera Review

    Another drawback of 4K video shooting is that it consumes more space compared to normal HD videos. A 30 sec 4K video requires almost 180 MBs compared to 60 MBs of HD videos of same length

    Live Photos

    Iphone 6S Camera Review

    The Live Photos feature in iPhone 6s is something worth talking about. It creates a kind of gif or small video by recording 1.5 sec before the snap and after it. The focus is more on capturing the moment than the photo itself.

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    Some Important Test Notes

    In my personal iPhone review I’d say:

    • Autofocus in iPhone 6s is a bit faster compared to that in iPhone 6.
    • What iPhone 6s lacks in its camera is the optical image stabilization that apple has introduced in iPhone 6s Plus. With this feature capturing videos has become a lot easier actually.
    • One downside I’d say is 4K video shooting requires you to look into lots of menus and it sometimes gets really ridiculous and annoying. There must be an option to select resolution from Camera app directly.

    As any iphone 6s battery life review would say, the battery is already not too good. When using the camera, it gets affected even more.

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