The ECG Feature In Apple Watch Series 4 Might Have Saved Life Of The Patient, Says Doctor

    Apple, the renowned smartphone brand, came up with its watchOS 5.1.2 only around 48 hours earlier and this new version comes with support for the Apple Watch Series 4 ECG feature that’s been in the headlines for quite some time and everyone was waiting for it quite anxiously. Apple touted for the feature quite heavily when it was launched initially. Even though it’s been tested by quite a few of us and there were no issues detected at all, a few of us were still able to find out that things didn’t work as they were intended to. As a matter of fact, an individual might have already saved their life with the health-oriented feature on offer with Apple Watch.

    A Reddit user shares his own story of testing the latest ECG feature of the smartwatch where results were claiming atrial fibrillation or AFib repeatedly. Initially, he thought that it wasn’t anything more than his watch returning the false positives because the software was buggy. However, once the tests were conducted on the man’s wife and the results came back all clear, he changed up his mind and thought it’s worth it to pay a visit to his doctor.

    When he did that and talked to his doctor, it turned out that Apple Watch might have saved his life and was just spot on with its claims every time. In fact, the doctor was of the view that he’d expect even more people to come visit clinics due to the new feature included in Apple Watch. However, he didn’t expect that happening any sooner.

    After hooping that patient up to full ECG, however, the results of the Apple Watch ECG feature were consolidated and he was actually in AFib, which means that the rhythm of his heart beats was just not perfect. He was even told by the doctor that his Apple Watch probably had saved him.

    Now, that’s really a great endorsement to have for the latest feature from Apple that it has included in its Series 4 smartwatches. It’s been quite a few times now that Apple Watch is being credited for saving lives, and it appears it’s not even a day for this latest ECG feature from Apple and it has proven how worthy it is already.

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