Top 20 Free iPhone Apps You Wouldn’t Like To Miss

There are, literally, hundreds of thousands of iPhone apps available for the avid iPhone users these days. With every new iPhone made available into the market, there is a host of free iPhone apps introduced as well. Whether you are running iPhone 6s or you want to have something for your iPhone 7, you will find something amazing to fulfill your needs. Obviously, the best part is that – despite the availability of paid apps –you can still find innumerable free apps that would make your iPhone drive a whole lot better.

Here we have enlisted top 20 free iPhone apps that include everything related to social networking, photography, entertainment, news and many more. The best part is that most of the apps listed here work well on iPod touch as well.

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Best Free iPhone Apps

So, let’s take a quick look at the best free app downloadsthat you should consider.

  1. Prisma

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There are so many iPhone apps that can be used for giving a touch of art to your photos but the best of them all is Prisma. Very easy to use, Prismaallows you to impress everyone through its different filters and gives you a unique art photo every time you use it. Simply select your photo or capture one, crop itand choose the art style you want to use on your picture.

It only takes few seconds and your app is transformed into a great piece of art and, obviously, it is far better than what we might be able to achieve using our photoshop skills. With its smart processing, Prisma never gives you that duff result, but if the effects feel somewhat jarring then you slide your finger over the screen for softening up the filter you have chosen.

  1. Facebook

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If you are a socialite then you’d definitely never want to live without the largest social network available today, Facebook. You can easily find the iPhone appand download it to let yourself access Facebook feeds, contacts and everything else. If you have switched to iPhone then Facebook is probably the very first few apps that you’d like to download on it and stay connected with your social circles.

  1. Google Maps

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Even the craziestof Apple lovers admit that the Apple Maps isn’t what they need to navigate their way to a destination. Even though it has been improved lately by it still needs time to beat Google Maps.

Fortunately for iPhone users, they can download Google Maps for free. In fact, it’s considerably improved compared to old versions now. With turn-by-turn navigation, it is certainly the go-to app for you if you are new to some area or like to travel too often. To top it all, Google Maps now allows you to save maps in chunks so that you can use them in the offline mode – a great option to have if you are going somewhere with no or poor connectivity.

Enhance the mapping capabilities of your new iPhone with the Google Maps app by downloading it for free from the iphone apps store.

  1. SnapSeed

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If you are too much into photo editing and love to test your skills on the go, SnapSeedfrom Google provides you a full set of tools including various filters as well as transformation options. The app allows you to crop, rotate and fine tune the color of your images. Besides, you can be able to add some text or use Healing tool for getting rid of any undesirable areas of the images you want to edit. The app supports RAW and JPG files while offering inter-convertibility for exporting purposes.

  1. Uber

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Uber is an on-demand car booking and ride sharing application for the iPhone users. It allows iPhone users to set up their accounts and book a rideshare, cab or black car instantly. One doesn’t have to worry about the fare being charged as it is calculated automatically and handled via Paypal or credit card. If your device is running iOS 10, you’ll be able to use Siri and order your ride through voice input.

  1. Overcast

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Overcast is really a go-to iOS pod-catcher as it combines powerful audio, clean design and some wonderful podcast management options to offer an impeccable experience. The app is adept at handling downloads and playbacks, sending new episode notifications, and even playing offline. With some great audio features like voice boost and smart speed, it is certainly a must-have app for your iPhone.

  1. Evernote

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Evernote can be considered as your online back-up to fleet ideas and thoughts. It is a great app to save anything from snippets and text documents to audio. You can also save images, notes and web clips to your Evernote. Once online, all your resources can be easily accessed from lots of different devices.

Though the app is a quite friendlier, it tends to clutter up quickly. But, fret not, it is simple to navigate through everything that you have saved on the app. The extreme reliability Evernote offers makes it a must-have for your iPhone.

  1. Kindle

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What would you expect from a perfect reading app? Many would say it should be something that offers a great reading experience with features like in-built dictionary, simple and quick search and navigation, and many handy customization options. A great ebook selection is also a most-wanted feature for many when it comes to the reading apps. Well, Kindle from Amazon offers just about everything you want and it is a lot easier to browse using your iOS device.

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And even with Apple’s iBooks available, it is still the best option you have on App store for e-reading.

  1. Spotify

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Spotify is one of most popular options you have for music streaming. With a huge library of 20 million free tracks, it gives you a great entertainment option. However, the free version comes with ads and if you are looking for a ad-free experience then you will have to upgrade to Spotify Premium with a£12.99-per-month subscription.

One good thing, however, is that you can store your favorite tracks on your iPhone and listen to them even without internet access or when you are not willing to consume your data plan. This certainly makes Spotify your perfect replace for Music App that comes with your iPhone.

  1. Calorie Counter

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Your ultimate fitness app, calorie counter allows you to keep track of your calorie intake and cut it down accordingly. Among all the free iPhone apps, it is not just very well designed but also offers an enormous food-item database which makes it a lot easier for you to enter anything you eat. There are some great add-on features as well like Web sync, reports, goals, etc. They really add to the value of this app for fitness freaks.

  1. Dropbox

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There are so many apps out there that allow you to keep your content accessible and transferable. However, Dropbox app is a perfect resource for teams who want to share their important data due to its easier, free and contemporary features.

Even though Apple has made it easier to access its iCloud Drive, the Dropbox is still a handy app to have on your iPhone. The major reason behind that is the widespread support – in terms of iOS apps as well as platforms. The app allows you to preview so many different file types on your iOS device and integrate well with different apps as well.

  1. YouTube

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YouTube remains a popular pick as always. Allowing you to easily search through a massive database of wonderful videos featuring everything from entertainment to various tutorials and even more, the app is certainly a must-have.

Despite being from Google, YouTube works well with iOS and offers support for AirPlay. The app integrates itself with the GooglePlay account as well to offer access to various paid films.

  1. Shazam

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It’s a wonder app that certainly has amazed many. Despite being simple to use, the app does quite a lot of tricks to keep you entertained. You just have to hold the iPhone close to some music source and the app will listen to the music before it tells you what track it is. This simple wonderful app works on a mind-boggling tech mechanism to do what it does.

  1. Google Translate

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Who doesn’t know Google Translate? Probably, most of us who need to convert between languages for one reason or another would really know what it is all about. We’d say it’s the free translation staff from Googlethat translates for you whatever you wantand is immensely portable. The app offers support for dozens of international languages and can translate both photographed andwritten text. What’s even better? You can also talk to the device and it will translate whatever you have spoken in your desired language.

Also, when you try to inter-translate between English to German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and Russian, the app can live-translate – even when you are offline –any text that comes before the camera.

  1. TunnelBear Free VPN

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VPN is one of the most usable phenomenain today’s world of technology. With TunnelBear Free VPN app for iOS devices, you can easily browse privately and get around websites that are geo-locked or censored by respective authorities in a particular country. With its simple interface, you just have to tap the name of the country from where you’d like to browse and wait for a moment before it all starts.

Usually you have robust connections but theycan be restarted instantly if dropped. The free VPN tool allows you to browse 500 MB data each month.

  1. Slack

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Slack is a handy app for letting teams connect with each other and cut those laborious emails out of the equation. To put it simply, slack is the real-time messaging app that allows people to have conversations in groups. They can communicate via private messages and also use user-defined hashtags.

The Slack app supports inline images and videos besides integrating with the cloud storage options like Google Drive and Dropbox. Even though the motive behind developing this app was to offer an easy mode of communication to business teams but it works well for friends willing to communicate in a group as well.

  1. Runtastic

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Even though most of the GPS trackers feel mostly alike, but still we’d like you to try Runtastic. The app is worth an install because of its nice design, frequent updating and for being free.So, what does it do?

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Runtastic tracks all your movements and calculates distance, pace, speed and the calories burned in a particular session. You don’t have to pay anything and you get a complete overview of the run, charts that show heart rate, speed and elevation, and access to the training history.

Your Runtastic app for iPhone allows you to add routes, smartwatch connectivity, voice coaches and a lot more. It is probably one of the best health apps for the iphone out there.

  1. Duolingo

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If you often have some spare time and you have the urge of learning a new language or brushing one up, Duolingo is certainly your best option to begin with. The app offers support for quite a few languages and focuses on everything including reading, speaking, listening and writing. Any audio tests can also be skipped easily if you don’t want to take them at any public place.

There are some add-on features that let you stay motivated throughout so that you can keep your skills in a particular language from deteriorating.

  1. Find My Friends

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After iOS 7 release, this app got a good make-over to give it an even better look. If you are interested in being a silent stalker and want to know what your friends are up to, what are the whereabouts of your wife or children, etc. then you would definitely find this app a lot beneficial for you. If you haven’t tried this wonderful app yet then download it today as it really is worth installing on your iPhone.

  1. Trip Advisor

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Probably the best app for the travel geeks, Trip Advisor offers some fantastic and first-hand information on different travel destinations. The users don’t just get to know about the place and its specialties but can also have some great insights into various places of stay, transportation options and other handy information that can prove to be beneficial for the travelers. One can also read reviews andcheck photos of different iconic landmarks and restaurants in the destination. The app even offers city maps to make getting around easier. It is certainly a must-have for you if you love to plan vacation trips every now and then.

So, get some of these must-have free iPhone apps installed on your iPhone and enhance your user experience. You would definitely love many of these wonderful apps.