Try This WhatsApp Hack For Password Protection, Ghost Mode And Auto Backup

    Everyone uses WhatsApp nowadays and it’s probably amongst most used apps for instant messaging all over the world. It was as popular even before its acquisition by Facebook. As these days lots of focus is being given to encryption in messaging services, nothing has changed for WhatsApp and it continues in the same manner as before without losing a single bit of its popularity.

    With all its popularity, a large number of iPhone users are using the app. But there are a few who want it to work in certain ways as they like. And, as WhatsApp or Facebook are not taking care of that, the jailbreak tweak developers step forward to provide users with what they need. So, they have developed FYAHackWhatsApp to give everyone what they want. The tweak is a wonderful addition to any WhatsApp installed on an iPhone as it offers plenty of wonderful features.

    Try This WhatsApp Hack For Password Protection, Ghost Mode And Auto Backup
    Starting with the ghost mode, this tweak offers great new capabilities to your WhatsApp experience. When you’re in ghost mode, nobody will know when you’re online and you can do all the activity like a ghost. So, read messages and interact with all the media that you have received without anybody else knowing about it.

    Another great feature of this tweak allows all your messages to be emailed after every 15000 words to your specified email address. These messages are accompanied by Senders’ names, phone numbers and timestamps. It certainly is a great backup option for all your WhatsApp stuff and simply nullifies that encryption thing.

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    If you want even better privacy with all your stuff on WhatsApp then you can password protect your WhatsApp. Yes, that’s even possible with the help of FYAHackWhatsApp. No one will then be able to keep check on what you are doing on WhatsApp unless they have that password that protects your activity on the app.

    If you think this really is a wonderful tweak to have on your iPhone, you can easily download it from Cydia through BigBoss repository. The best thing is that the tweak comes completely free.


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