Wireless Magic Keyboard Released By Apple At WWDC 2017

    With the WWDC 2017 keynote event, plenty of new releases came to the scene that included both hardware and software. One of these releases was the new Wireless Magic Keyboard.

    Wireless keyboards from Apple are really a wonderful alternative to those who want to keep their desktop experience clean and minimalist and prefer not to go for any third-party solutions. However, the Magic Keyboards, somehow, lacked something previously. They used to be small and light but they didn’t really have one feature that many would have preferred, Numeric Keypads.

    Wireless Magic Keyboard Released By Apple At WWDC 2017

    But that’s something that changed at the WWDC 2017 when Apple announced the release of its latest Magic Keyboard that is expected to come with a Numeric Keypad. And with this new wireless keyboard coming, Apple also announced to kill off its wired counterpart which was the only keyboard available from Apple previously.Quite similar to the standard keyboard, the new wireless option comes with Lightning port to support charging as well as an in-built battery which apparently seems to last for a month if not connected to a power source. According to Apple,the new keyboard will support all Bluetooth-enabled MACs with macOS 10.12.4 and later, or the iOS devices running iOS 10.3 and later.

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    Anyone interested in buying the keyboard from United States can place the order right away. However, international availability and pricing might differ based on your country from where you’re shopping. The actual price is $129 but what you get again depends on from where you’re placing the order. You can buy it from the online store of Apple, so place the order right away.

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