iPhone SE Unlock – How IMEI Method Works?

The iPhone SE is already in use all over the world and even those who can’t buy an unlocked iPhone have opted for mobile contracts for reducing their initial price. But it is quite unfortunate for such users to only be able to use their iPhones with the chosen network. Another scenario in which you might have a locked iPhone is when you buy it from someone else and don’t know what you are buying. And when you try to change the SIM card of your new iPhone SE, you find out that you need an iPhone SE unlock. So, what are the benefits you can enjoy by unlocking your iPhone and how you can do it?Read on to find out.

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What Benefits Does Unlocked iPhone SE Offer?

What Benefits Does Unlocked iPhone SE Offer - iPhone SE unlock

You can have quite a few benefits when you opt for unlocking your iPhone SE. Let’s take a look at the most prevalent of them all.

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  • On an unlocked iPhone SE, you can always switch to comparatively cheaper network options. On an unlocked iPhone you will be able to use SIM card from any network you can name and use any tariff package as you like. Changing a network might also help resolve the coverage issues that you might be facing as well.
  • Besides, when you have an unlocked iPhone you’ll be able to sell it at a better price compared to a locked one. The simple reason again is that the buyer will be able to use the phone on just about any network of their own choice.
  • If you love to travel a lot then you really must have an unlocked iPhone as you’ll be able to use the foreign networks as well on your iPhone and roaming charges could be avoided.
  • Besides, you can also enjoy some great deals on offer from different networks as you can switch anytime to avail incentives like free texts and minutes from a particular network.

How To Find If You Have Bought iPhone SE Locked?

How To Find If You Have Bought iPhone SE Locked

When buying a used iPhone SE you should always first get it unlocked as it ensures you’ll be able to use the preferred network right from the word go. You can check if your new iPhone is locked or unlocked by opening Settings >Mobile. Here you’ll be able to see ‘Mobile Data Network’ option if your iPhone is unlocked but in case of locked phones this option won’t show up.

An alternate, and pretty straightforward, option is substituting your original SIM with one from another network. Now restart the handset and if it can be used successfully then your phone is unlocked already. Otherwise, you got to have it unlocked as you’ll see “SIM not valid” message everytime you try to use your phone.

Where To Find Your iPhone SE IMEI Number?

Where To Find Your iPhone SE IMEI Number - iPhone SE Unlock

If you want to get your new iPhone SE unlocked, you’ll need to come up with your phone’s IMEI number. Every phone comes with its own IMEI number that comprises of 15 digits and is unique for every handset. You have to provide this number to the unlock service providers for getting your iPhone SE unlocked. So, if you want to find this number for your iPhone, dial *#06# from your iPhone. The IMEI number for your iPhone SE will show up as a result.

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If you are unable to find the IMEI this way then there are a couple of other options available that you can try for find out the IMEI for your iPhone SE. Here they are:

  1. You can check the IMEI of your phone on its back cover and if you are unable to check it that way because it’s too scratched to be recognized then open Settings on your iPhone and go to General and then About. Tap IMEI to reveal the number.
  2. You can also connect your iPhone to iTunes through Mac or PC for finding IMEI. Once connected, go to YouriPhone in Devices and click Summary to see IMEI.

How IMEI Method Works For Unlocking iPhone SE?

How IMEI Method Works For Unlocking iPhone SE - iPhone SE Unlock

When you choose to unlock your iPhone SE with IMEI method, your chosen provider will locate the IMEI of your phone on GSX servers of Apple. It then switches your IMEI status to Unlocked. After that, the mobile Network you are using on your iPhone is pinged to update it with new status of your phone.

Afterwards, all the mobile networks around the world are informed of your iPhone’s IMEI number that it can now use those networks and that the restrictions have been lifted.

It is important that you provide accurate details pertaining to your iPhone’s IMEI number, model, network to which it is locked and its Blacklist status because even if one of these details is wrong the IMEI unlock will not work.

How You Can Order IMEI iPhone SE Unlock?

There are many service providers out there who offer iPhone SE unlock with IMEI number. They usually have online presence and you can simply reach out to them and follow their designated process for ordering the IMEI unlock. It’s simple and straightforward but you just have to make sure that you choose a reliable provider out there. Read reviews, check ratings, search yourself and only go with the best.