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If you have been on the waiting list to see a smaller and cheaper iPhone model and wanted new iPhone SE 2 to arrive soon, the good news for them is that it’s about to arrive. However, it may not be the same as they might have expected and seems to resemble iPhone X which is the flagship iPhone model from Apple. Here we have discussed everything from iPhone SE 2 release date to its specs and design rumors to give you an idea of exactly what you can expect and for how much you’ll be able to buy your new gadget.

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iPhone SE 2 Release Date

Previously, there were reports that Apple won’t be release iPhone SE 2 anymore, particularly after the storage upgrade made to original iPhone SE last year. However, Tekz24 reports that work is being done on a new iPhone SE model right now and that it is expected to arrive early in 2018.

As it appears, we are not going to see Spring Event from Apple this year and that potentially makes the release date for this new iPhone model to be the same as that of WWDC 2018. 4 June is confirmed for that already as well. Luke Lin, analyst at Digitimes, says that mass production for the new low-end iPhone model will begin by second quarter and the iPhone will launch in May or June.

iPhone SE 2 Design

As for the design, it’s not confirmed yet that whether the new iPhone will appear like iPhone SE or not. There are reports, however, that the 2018 iPhone line will have more of iPhone X-like design and that means the design language which initially debuted with iPhone 6 might go vacant. That, certainly, gives iPhone SE 2 2018 the opportunity to keep things going for a couple of years further for anyone who might seem to miss that design language.

iPhone SE 2 Design-iPhone SE 2 ReleaseAccording to latest rumors, however, we’re going to have a new iPhone with glass back. The iPhone SE 2 images coming from China show the back panels for the new iPhone along with a document that states the panels were made from Ion-X glass. And if that is to be believed, we certainly are up for a wireless charging feature similar to last year’s iPhone models. So, gear up for Qi wireless charging as it will be the new charging standard in Apple’s upcoming products in future. It also makes sense that the new SE 2 will potentially feature glass back and offer same functionality as well.

Though we’re just making speculations as of now but Apple certainly has been quite predictable lately about all its future plans. As far as overall design goes, just one image coming out of iPhone SE 2 leaks may not be enough to draw any conclusions. One thing we can surely say here, however, is that the new model will be a big upgrade to the precursor.

According to that leaked image of the new iPhone model, there’ll be a little curve near edges of SE 2’s glass panel that translates into the fact that sharp edged design is definitely going away to give a more modern look. TouchID-enabled button is also expected to make it to the final design as well.

iPhone SE 2 Display

One thing that we’re certain of at this moment is that the new iPhone SE will still be a compact device. But that, certainly, is not conclusive of the fact that display would not grow in size. Lately, we’ve had designs that show we can now have both a bigger display and an overall compact design. There are small bezels to accompany as well. We’d be safe to say that iPhone SE 2 will feature 4” display but there are rumors that it can grow up to 4.2” as well.

Even though the increase will be quite a small one, it’s going to be a welcoming one owing to the fact that there may not be much increase in size of the device. And with larger bezels, we can expect that to happen as far as the size of the screen is concerned. Other than this, we can expect same display properties i.e. the new iPhone will feature LCD display having 640×1136 resolution.

iPhone SE 2 Hardware

iPhone SE 2 Hardware-iPhone SE 2 Release

The first iPhone SE model came with A9 chipset from Apple whereas the successor appears to boast of A10 chipset. This one is exactly the same that we had in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. It is still a viable chipset considering modern standards and even though it may not be as good as latest A11 chipset from Apple, we don’t think it’s going to cause any issues. So, we can expect a major boost in performance of the new iPhone SE 2 over its predecessor. And, if Apple ensures that the price is affordable like the original model, the new iPhone will definitely give a tough time to its competition in ultra-compact segment. Just like iPhone 7, you can pair your iPhone SE with 2GB RAM and as far as storage is concerned rumors say it will either be 32GB or 128GB of the native storage.

iPhone SE 2 Camera

iPhone SE 2 Camera-iPhone SE 2 Release

As far as the rumors go, new iPhone SE will come equipped with 12 megapixels iSight camera on its rear while the front will have 5 megapixels FaceTime camera. That’s, probably, all the information we have got at this point but it is supposed that Apple might use iSight camera from iPhone 7. If Apple goes with that, we can expect f/2.2 aperture with 1.22 μm pixels, 4K video recording at 30fps and software image stabilization. These features really are enough on today’s upper mid-range SE 2 model. For FaceTime unit, it is supposed that Apple could lift it straight from iPhone 6s and it will perform in very much the same fashion. Any advanced features like face-detection and dual-camera setups may not be expected.

iPhone SE 2 Price

According to reports, a popular analyst suggests the price to be around $649 to $749. For original model we had a price cap of $399 to $499 for 16GB and 64GB models. The storage was doubled later on but Apple managed to keep the prices intact. As much as Apple wants to keep the prices affordable, the new model is expected to touch the above mentioned price cap. Let’s see what the price would be once it comes out.

So, the new iPhone SE model seems to be very much on the cards and we can expect a fair bit of an upgrade with the new model. Just sit tight until it comes out at WWDC this year.

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