Best iPhone 6 Features That Still Make It A Great Choice

    With some of the best feature advances from the previous models, iPhone 6 is still the top choice phone for many. Many feature improvements were made to make this device stand out from the crowd. Combining new OS with better internals, this iPhone came with something for everyone. Even though the official website of Apple can give you an insight into every single feature no matter even if it’s a minute one, here we’ll be discussing some of the best iPhone 6 features that one can talk about. These features, when combined together, really make for a perfect iPhone to have.

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    8 Best iPhone 6 Features

    Here is our list of some of the best features that Apple’s iPhone 6 comes with. Let’s take a look.

    1. Optical Image Stabilization

    Best iPhone 6 Features That Still Make It A Great Choice

    Any iPhone 6 user would be able to better tell how less blurry the photos captured with iPhone have become with the introduction of iPhone 6. With Apple combining M8 motion coprocessor and A8 SoC, the iPhone 6 comes equipped with optical image stabilization that makes your photos hell lot better. This iPhone not just senses your hands shaking but also stabilizes the resulting photos through image processing and movements of camera lens. As a result, you get clearer images no matter how low the light may be. In addition, the feature works automatically and you don’t have to delve into those outrageous settings.

    1. 1080p 60fps Video Recording

    Best iPhone 6 Features That Still Make It A Great ChoiceRead some more:

    It’s been a while since smartphone users are able to get 1080p recordings using their phone cameras. However, Apple has taken smartphone video recording to the next level by introducing iPhone 6. The phone allows you to record 1080p full HD videos at 30 or 60 fps. You can really put your hands on clearer and crisp videos without any kind of motion blur. Whether you want to record your child playing soccer or you are shooting from your moving vehicle, nothing affects the quality of your recorded videos anymore. With iPhone 6 slo-mo mode you can now have support for above 240 fps, allowing you to capture some great details.

    1. VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling

    VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling - Best iPhone 6 Features

    With conventional voice calling getting all the more boring and poor in quality, one doesn’t really have to suffer from that anymore. Your iOS 8 and iPhone 6 allows you to make VoLTE calls. Furthermore, you can now use Wi-Fi for making calls if you don’t have your network coverage. However, one thing worth mentioning here is that your carrier needs to approve both the features so that you could be able to use them. They are not the features that everyone can take advantage of.

    1. More Sensors

    More Sensors - Best iPhone 6 Features

    Just take a look back at the yesteryears and you will find out that Apple has been continuously adding more sensors to its devices. A few we could name here can be proximity sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer, TouchID sensor and ambient light sensor. Your new iPhone 6 now comes equipped with a barometer. With this new sensor, your apps will be able to track our location better as well as things that may be going on in the surroundings.

    1. Apple Pay

    Apple Pay - Best iPhone 6 Feature

    The latest iPhone 6 comes with NFC chip and Apple is now partnering with companies such as Walgreens, Mc Donald’s, etc. to turn NFC payments into a reality. With this, iPhone users can now utilize the Apple Pay feature to even make payments for their sandwiches. It’s certainly something novel, exciting and incredible.

    1. Better Keypad

    Better Keypad - Best iPhone 6 Features

    It may not be one of those iPhone hidden features as it’s pretty obvious that iPhone 6 comes with a better keypad. It is certainly one of major problems that many iPhone users often have to face. Talk to any user of iPhone 5s or its predecessors and you’ll get one simple answer, it’s awful when you use it for messaging. Whether you talk about tiniest of displays, inaccurate and cramped keypads or accidental shutdowns, the Keypad in iPhone 6 is a lot better in every respect. Obviously the phone comes with larger screen and the key spread is a lot wider. The prediction engine has also be improved and the overall usage is definitely improved as well.

    1. Quicker Contact Access and Siri

    Quicker Contact Access and Siri - Best iPhone 6 Features

    Talking about the feature enhancements in iPhone 6, you get quicker access to your major contacts. On top of multitasking menu, your iOS 8 shows a bubble gallery featuring your recent contacts. It can be accessed by double pressing your home button.

    As for iOS 9, the bubble was added to Spotlight Search area. You can swipe right from first homescreento access it. Giving greater space to multitasking menu, it makes things easier to check out the details from some other app.

    In addition, the Siri in iPhone 6 is made more proactive and it can suggest things on its own. For instance, it may tell you about a few appointments that you’d like to add.

    1. Interactive Notifications

    Interactive Notifications - best iPhone 6 Features

    Interactive notifications is yet another important feature that came with iOS 8. Apple also introduced a better version in iOS 9. Though interactive notifications have been there in other phones for quite some time, Apple has made sure to give iPhone 6 users an unobtrusive and slick system. A small banner shows up on top of your iPhone 6 screen.

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    Being able to reply to your messages instantly is something really cool and makes you think of increased usability. Such alert system may also be used by other apps but not in the same manner as in messages.

    Widgets that you can find in Notifications drop-down area are cool too. Notifications bar also comes with more options allowing you to accomplish tasks with a single quick tap.

    So, these are some of the iPhone 6 features and specifications that make it standout from the rest. It really is a great phone to have and you’ll love the experience.

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